Tuesday, January 22, 2013

80° in Hawaii? feels more like 90°

Hey guys!
So I'm at school right now and actually I ended school half an hour ago. So I am here chillin with my friends but it is so hot! I know that this is Hawaii and it's supposed to be sunny, but recently it has been overcast and even earlier today it was rainy so I didn't expect it to be this hot. The weird part about all of this is when the wind blows, the air is cool, but when I'm sitting on these benches and at these tables outside it feels really, really, hot. I think that this is because there isn't too many clouds and it's not really windy, and I'm not in shade. But still, do you guys ever get the feeling that it is hotter/colder than it actually is? Because that's the feeling I have right now!
 So I hope this little weather update from "paradise" doesn't damper your days and I hope you all are having fun in the snow/cold!

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