Sunday, January 27, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
So today I actually exercised! Like legit exercising instead of the little exercises that I usually do during the day. So I guess that I'll start with my exercise today. I had gymnastics today. I do gymnastics for cheerleading to help improve my tumbling and I have a tumbling class once a week with the people on my squad. It is an hour and today I was working on standing back tucks and getting a higher rebound out of my roundoff back handspring. It was good and for the last 10 minutes we were conditioning and doing some body alignment exercises. It was pretty tiring and to be honest, it was my only exercise of the day besides the little things that I always do (jumping jacks during commercials, lunges while brushing my teeth...). 
For nutrition today I did okay. I don't think that it was particularly good or bad, kind of just an okay day. For breakfast, my dad made fried rice with kamaboko and spam and egg. It was really good. Along with breakfast I also made a smoothie. Lunch was so good today. We had garlic chicken from a really good place. It was so yummy and I had leftovers so that's going to be my lunch tomorrow as well. That was some yummy chicken! For a snack I had a Samurai cup. It is sort of like an ice cake and the flavor that I got was strawberry vanilla. For dinner, my parents picked up food from CPK. I had a little bit of chinese chicken salad and bread. Also, I had a little bit of spicy ahi bowl from Kuru Kuru sushi. The fish from there is so good as well!
So that was my nutrition and fitness for today! Let me know in the comments what your nutrition and fitness was and subscribe if you like my blog posts!

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