Monday, January 28, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
So it is time again for my health and fitness of the day. Today was a really good day. I feel like I was pretty healthy and good today!
So let's start with fitness...
Today I had yoga. For all of you that don't know, I have yoga 2x a week or so for 1 1/2 hours. It is the PE that I take at my school. Today I had yoga and I thought that it was really fun! We started learning more poses like the warrior 2 and cat/cow and all of the other basic poses. I think that it is so important for you not only to be physically healthy, but also mentally. For all of you guys who read my last let's recap the day blog post you know that the latter half of today was really tough and stressful and just not that great for me and I think that it is important for everyone to have an outlet where you can release the stress that can build up. (If you want to read my let's recap the day post click here). So yoga was fun and I think that it is a great "workout" for you to try out if you need something slower and more relaxing than say, running. I also did a little bit of stationary biking when I got home. It wasn't that long, 20 minutes or so, but it was good because I got to watch family guy when I did it! I love watching tv when doing exercises because then it feels less like work and more like fun!
For nutrition today, I think that it was one of my better days so far. It wasn't great, but it was definitely an improvement. For breakfast, I had some cereal and milk and a little bit of a chocolate chip muffin. Today, I didn't have a snack in between breakfast and lunch "shocker!". For lunch I had leftover garlic chicken and rice from yesterday. It tasted better yesterday, but it was still good. When I got home from school, I made a smoothie as a snack and had 3 oreos and a glass of milk. I know oreos aren't the healthiest, but if I can get myself to drink milk with it, then I think that it is an even trade. Some oreos for some calcium. For dinner I had some stew and rice. It was really good. I love my dad's stew! Another shocker: I didn't eat any dessert tonight! How good am I? Just kidding! But really, I think that today's exercise and diet was great!
Let me know what your health and fitness of the day was in the comments below!

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