Friday, January 25, 2013

Health & Fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
So today is the first day of my "health and fitness of the day" series on my blog. If you want to read more about my dietary and fitness goals check out my blog post I did yesterday called "let's get my butt into shape". So basically these blog posts are going to include a recap of my dietary and fitness doings of the day.
Today didn't really have that much exercise in it. I tried doing small exercises during the day. For instance, I did lunges when I brushed my teeth, pushups and v-ups when I watched television and jogging in place, frog jumps, and jumping jacks when I was watching my youtube videos. (speaking of youtube videos check out my top 5 youtubers blog post!) I think that I did pretty well with my exercise, although it wasn't that strenuous and it still was pretty much a non-exercising day.
My diet today wasn't the greatest today either. I had a jamba juice and cereal for breakfast, which I think was pretty healthy considering what I usually eat (pastries, doughnuts, etc). For a snack, I had frozen grapes (yum!), which helped me up my intake of fruits for the day. For lunch I had leftover spicy eggplant and pork with rice that my mom made for dinner last night. It was really good (Let me know if you want the recipe for it). After lunch, I had ice cream. That was my one big splurge for the day. It was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cup, but on the bright side it was low fat and only 160 calories or something like that. For dinner I had chinese chicken salad that my mom made (also let me know if you want the recipe for this) and clam chowder. The clam chowder wasn't the healthiest, but I definitely ate more salad than soup tonight!
So overall I don't think that this was a great day, but I am a strong believer in change doesn't happen overnight. I think that this blog helps me keep myself motivated and hopefully it keeps you guys motivated to stay healthy as well. Subscribe if you like these health and fitness of the day blog posts and let me know in the comments a) what your health and fitness of the day was and b) if you would like any of the recipes that I mentioned above!
Thanks so much for reading this!

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