Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone!
So I think that today was a really good day! I am so excited to write todays post because I feel like there are lots of things worth mentioning. But before, I start, I just wanted to mention that my health and fitness of the day blog post is up so you should check that out!
So once again I had math at 7:30. That isn't too interesting. Actually, it didn't get interesting until the end of the day, but I'll go over the uninteresting things as well I guess. So in english at 11:30 our teacher was reading us a story and it was pretty boring. It was one of those stories that doesn't have too much action so when you are listening to it you can sort of feel yourself slowly falling to sleep. It was so hard to stay awake in that class!
Fast forward to 1:30 or so. I had a break and I finally got to play some card games with my friends. Usually when people are playing card games it is the boys and they are just too good at the games we play. Like they will win 99/100 games and the one time I win, they say I won because I got dealt a better hand than them. So I got to play 99 and trumps with my friends oh and another friend was playing solitaire and he was just so bad at it. Like every game he couldn't make one move because he dealt it that bad. It was hilarious. 
So hands down the best part of my day was orchestra. We were playing this boring piece, but the people sitting around me started playing pranks on each other. If you have been in orchestra before, you know that violins and violas have these foam shoulder pads that they use to hold the violins/violas on their shoulder. We started putting these pads on people when they weren't paying attention. It doesn't sound that funny, but everyone started cracking up because some people were so zoned out that they didn't realize that the shoulder pad thing was on their head, their instrument, or their shoulders. Then the funniest part was when some guy went to use the bathroom, they moved his chair so when he came back, he didn't have a place to sit. It was so funny and I don't think that I am explaining it very well because I don't think that you guys will think that its that funny. Maybe it's one of those "you need to have been there to get it" type moments.
Last good thing that happened today. My Starbucks gold card finally came in the mail!!! (if you want to know the back story on that read starbucks makes me sad) I waited forever for my gold card. So I'm going to use it (a lot) in the upcoming days (and weeks).

Funniest moment: Definitely in orchestra when they took away the guys chair so when he came back he had nowhere to sit. (Totally one of those "you need to have been there to get it" moments)

Best part of the day: Orchestra! I was having a pretty downer day and orchestra was the pick me up I needed. Plus I got more than enough laugh time during the class & I got to see someone ;) Ohhhh, but also getting my starbucks card was also a good part of my day :D

Worst part of the day: Boring english class. That class made me feel tired for the rest of the day!

So let me know in the comments what your funniest moment, best, and worst part of the day was! And don't forget to follow my blog if you like these daily blog posts!

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