Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone! 
So let's just get into my day. I had math at 7:30 today and that was the same old stuff. It was boring, but at least I could stay awake during the class! The next interesting thing was during spanish. Everyone in the class had a sentence written in spanish and we had to arrange ourselves to form a story. My "smart" class took 20 minutes of running around asking everyone what their sentence was before realizing that we could just put the sentences on the table and arrange it there. We are the slowest group of people ever! In Asian "torpedo" was back. He was hilarious as ever because we sent him to the bookstore to buy some supplies for everyone. Everyone gave him 50 cents to buy a map for us and he bought maps for everyone. Everyone except himself that is. He came back and he realized that he was short and had to walk all the way back to the bookstore to buy himself one. It was so funny because we were like "that's typical torpedo!" Orchestra was fun as usual. We were still playing around with the foam shoulder rests and that was hilarious as usual. I just love my cello section because we are all really close and we can have fun with each other, which is more than I could say for the violins. LOL. But really, it was so fun. I also had tumbling after school again. To read more about that click here

Funniest moment: Definitely when torpedo walked into class and realized that he bought a map for everyone in the class except himself. Totally a LOL moment! 

Best part of the day: Getting my birchbox in the mail! For my unboxing post click here. I have been waiting so long for my birchbox and I am excited to experiment with the products, especially the hot mama blush!

Worst part of the day: I had a massive headache during tumbling today. Tumbling is hard enough, tumbling with a headache is really tough. I took an ibuprofen and I'm all good now, though!

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