Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's whoop my butt into shape!

Hey guys!
So I want to start exercising on a regular basis again. I am a cheerleader, but currently besides yoga 2x a week and tumbling 2x a week I am pretty much a huge couch potato. Spring and summer are right around the corners and I, like all you other girls out there, want to look good in those bright colors and short shorts. So starting today I thought that I would share with you some changes that I will be making in my life. 

Dietary changes:
1) eat more foods with fiber
I am one of those people who needs either a lot of food to keep me full or a small amount of filling food. I want to eat more fiber (natural fiber that is) to keep me fuller longer. Also, fiber is really good for your body as well. To achieve this I am going to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
2) snack less!
I am a huge snacker. I can go home and eat a whole bag of popcorn and still be hungry. This messes up my appetite for dinner and I end up eating more that I (or anyone) should. I am going to fix this by eating more foods with fiber (see above) and also chewing gum. I think that chewing gum will help because I need to have something in my mouth, but that doesn't mean that it has to be food!
3) drink more!
And I don't mean alcohol. I want to drink more tea, water, coffee, diet coke, anything. I know that diet coke can be bad for your health, but I am usually pretty dehydrated because I don't drink too much during the day and I think that if drinking diet coke or any of the other drinks will help me stay more hydrated I should do it. Also, it will help with me snacking/eating less because I sometimes mistake hunger for thirst so I eat when I really should be drinking.

Fitness related:
1) weight train more
I know that there are a lot of women out there who are like "I'd rather do cardio than lift weights" and although I agree that cardio is important, weight training is just as or even more important. Weight training helps build bone density, muscles, and some people say that it can even boost your metabolism. I am going to work on my upper bodys with curls and presses, but I may do squats and lunges to work out my lower body.
2) Fit in small exercises
I want to make it a habit to, when I'm at home, do lunges, squats, frog jumps, jumping jacks, push ups, tricep dips, v-ups, sit ups or other easy exercises when I have free time. Most of my time is spent sitting down watching tv or reading magazines so when I am doing them I am going to make an effort to do one of the exercises listed above.

So those are my dietary and fitness related goals! Let me know what your goals are and how you plan on sticking with them. Also, I am going to be posting another blog post daily (starting tomorrow) on my dietary and fitness doings of the day. Hopefully that will keep you motivated seeing me succeed or fail right along with you!

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