Friday, January 25, 2013

My month of magazines

Hey guys!
So the other day I did a blog post called my week of television shows. If you didn't read it, you totally should! So every month my family receives lots of magazines and I just wanted to share all of them and tell you what my favorite magazines are. 
The Magazines are...
Consumer Report
Food Network Magazine
Bon Apetite

Out of this group of magazines, the ones that I, personally, enjoy the most are:
1) Seventeen
filled full of health, fashion, beauty and love articles and advice, this magazine covers everything a teenage/young adult girl would enjoy!
2) Self
this is my motivation to improve myself. It gives workout and diet tips along with celeb interviews and beauty/fashion advice.
3) Glamour
this magazine is the older girls version of seventeen. More mature and geared towards older women, but still covers everything (makeup/fashion) that I love.
4) Consumer Report
people may think that this is a scam, and that the reports aren't that useful, but I love to see how to get the most bang for your buck even though I usually don't spend money on these products.

My least favorite magazines:
1) Money
this isn't my favorite magazine because frankly, I don't read it. My dad subscribes to this magazine (he's a CFO) and he likes to read all of these finance magazines.
another of my dad's magazines. I am not a huge fan of NFL and MLB although I watch NBA religiously and I don't see this magazine as a huge "must read" for me.
3) Bon Apetite
this is my mom's magazines and it isn't as fun or young as the food network magazine (I like that one) so although the food looks good or better than the food in the food network magazine, I would read the food network magazine over bon apetite because it is easier to read because the food is more comical and fun.

Let me know what your month of magazines are!

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