Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TJ Maxx Yoga pants haul

Hey guys!
So if you saw my "how to stay healthy" post you know that I am doing yoga for PE at school. And if you didn't read that post, you should! So anyway I went to TJ Maxx today to get some pants for yoga because the ones that I had were getting a little raggedy and gross. When I go to yoga I wear a V neck tee shirt and a pair of yoga pants. These pairs of pants that I got are capri length and both of them are black. One has a white band at the top and the other has ruching down the leg. Both of these pants were $14.99 and both of them are by the brand Avia. I got both of these pairs for $30 when originally the pants were $30 each. This was a great deal!
Let me know if you do yoga and what you like to wear to yoga!

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