Sunday, January 27, 2013

top 5: starbucks drinks!

Hey guys! 
So it's time for another top 5! Last week I did top 5 favorite youtubers so if you didn't see that you should definitely check that out! So here are my favorite starbucks drinks.
1) Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato
This is my go to starbucks drink. It has the things that I love: coffee and caramel. I get mine layered because I love having the caramel at the bottom and the espresso and milk on the top, but you can get it stirred too. Just a note: I would get it skinny because you save calories and it tastes the same as the regular one. Also another thing to note is that this is a sweet drink so if you are a fan of the bitter, black coffee taste you're not going to get that in this drink.
2) Caramel Brulee Frappuccino 
This is a seasonal drink in the fall/winter time, but it is one of my favorites. It is similar to the caramel frappuccino because it tastes the same, but the caramel brulee one has a slightly different taste that I can't describe. But it's really good! Also, my favorite part of this frappuccino is that it has little brulee pieces on the top that when you drink it adds crunchy texture. It is my favorite seasonal holiday drink from starbucks!
3) Green Tea Frappuccino
I love this! It tastes sort of like green tea ice cream if you know what that tastes like. By the way, let me know if green tea ice cream is popular where you are or if it's just a Hawaii thing. But it is really good and although it probably isn't that healthy it makes me believe that I'm drinking something healthier than a coffee flavored frappuccino. I definitely recommend this if you like sweet green tea type flavors or if you love green tea ice cream!
4) Passion Iced Tea with 1/2 the sweetener
So I love this drink during the summer time because it justs seems like the perfect drink to have poolside to me. It is lighter and more sweet, naturally than other green and black teas and it has a fruity essence to it. I get mine with 1/2 the sweetener because I find that it is the perfect amount for me, but you can get it with no sweetener or the full pump of sweetener. 
5) Iced Chai Tea Lattes
This is good because I am a huge tea drinker. Anyone who knows me knows that I love iced teas and tea in general, but when I need a heavier tea at night or in the wintertime I either get an iced chai tea latte or a hot chai tea latte. I love this because I can get calcium because of the milk (I'm not the hugest milk drinker) and it tastes nice and warm and spicy, which I love.

These are my favorite drinks from starbucks, let me know in the comments what your favorite drinks are! Also, subscribe if you want to see more of these top 5 blog posts. Also, for more blog posts about starbucks check out my starbucks makes me sad post from a week ago.

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