Wednesday, January 23, 2013

top 5: youtubers!

Hey guys! 
So I'm going to start a new weekly series on my blog called top 5. This is going to cover my favorites from everything like television shows, movies, youtubers, and workouts! So today I thought that it would be fun to do youtubers.
Here are my top 5 favorite youtubers!
1) Blair Fowler aka juicystar07
She was the first youtuber that I found and I still love her videos! She doesn't post videos too often anymore, but I still love every video that she does. Also check out my review on her and Elle's (see #3) snowkissed cashmere palette from their skylark line.
2) Nikki Phillippi aka nikkiphillippi
She is one of my favorites because she is so consistant with the videos that she posts. On her main channel its monday wednesday and friday and other the other channel it is monday-friday. I love her videos because they cover topics that I like and I am in love with her how to be happy january videos!
3) Elle Fowler aka allthatglitters21
She is the calmer side of Blair (see #1) and although hers and her sisters videos are similar, I love elle's videos because they are more mature and the makeup that she does tutorials on are more sultry and older looking.
4) Allison aka amarixe
I like Allison's videos because they are short and informative. I love her tutorials because unlike other makeup gurus her videos are usually less than 10 minutes, but still beautiful. I also love her other channel because they cover other things that I, myself, am interested in such as her tea time videos.
5) Emily Eddington aka emilynoel83
Emily recently did her Emily Awards series on her youtube channel. These are my favorite videos of hers because they give her favorite drugstore and high end makeup products in multiple categories. Her videos are so professional because she used to be a news anchor and I love all of her videos, especially her reviews.

Honorable mentions:

Let me know in the comments what your top 5 youtubers are and let me know what other top 5 topics you would like to see on my blog!

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