Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weather update: thunderstorms and flash floods

Hey everyone!
So once again I'm going to hit you with another weather update. So today it looked super overcast. Like when you know it is going to rain soon but you don't know when it is going to start to rain. So all day it was gray and cloudy and I thought that it was going to storm (which sucks because the Pro Bowl was today). But it didn't start raining until the afternoon after the pro bowl was over, which was good. But the part about the weather that I hate the most is that it is supposed to thunderstorm all the way until next week tuesday. And there is a huge event that happens at my school every year on this friday and saturday and it is supposed to storm on those 2 days. That is terrible because it is a huge fundraiser for my school and it is a ton of fun. Also, I hate this weather because it gets really muddy and it's awful walking cross campus in the rain and mud. 
So that is the weather here in sunny rainy Hawaii! Let me know what weather your having where you are and subscribe if you like my blog posts!

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