Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Health and Fitness of the day

Hey everyone! 
It's time for another health and fitness of the day post!

What I ate today:
smoothie (peach banana)
mochiko chicken
pizza rolls
smoothie (banana strawberry)
beef tomato 
So overall, it was a pretty average day. I got a heck of a lot of fruits in with my 2 smoothies and pear, which is good because I love fruits and I think that smoothies seemed especially good today! The chicken and the pizza rolls weren't that healthy, but the rest of my meals (the dinner had soooo many vegetables) were really well balanced and good.

My fitness today:
I was super sore from yesterday. So I didn't get any exercise in. My butt was pretty sore from gymnastics yesterday. I don't really know why, I don't usually get sore there after gym. I was also super sore in my back because of yoga. I am not the hugest fan of the cobra pose!

So that was my health and fitness of the day! Let me know yours in the comments.

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