Friday, February 15, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

So its time for another health and fitness of the day post! I am giving up red meat on Friday's for lent, so today was a red meatless friday!

What I ate:

chinese chicken salad
mint chip ice cream
smoothie (banana chocolate)
red velvet macaroon
So today wasn't the healthiest with the ice cream and the macaroon. This might be TMI but I got my period today, which explains all the ice cream cravings that I have been having. I totally crave ice cream all the time, but I do it more during "that time of the month". I think that it was also a good day because the salmon is healthy and I needed to get some Omega 3 acids!

My fitness:
So I wasn't feeling the best today, so I didn't exercise. Once again, I was really tired today like I didn't get enough sleep or something like that. My back has also been out of wack since tumbling and yoga on tuesday! It was really sore and felt tight all day so I didn't want to strain it again! I'll bike or something tomorrow, though.

So that was my health and fitness of the day! Let me know yours in the comments and subscribe if you like my blog!

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