Sunday, February 24, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

What I ate today:
crescent rolls w/ jelly
portuguese sausage
salad with italian dressing
tacos (beef, tomato, lettuce, salsa, cheese)
So overall, this was a pretty okay day. I got some vegetables in with my salad and in my tacos. I also ate some bad things such as the icee and the crescent rolls, but it was good and I think that it is okay to indulge in what you want!

My fitness today:
So I had gymnastics today. It was an intense class and it was really hard. We were doing tons of over rotated roundoff drills and because I was the only one in the class that could do the drill, I had to do more than I should have because I had to "demonstrate" a lot. I also did some roundoff handspring tucks, which I think are getting better. I was able to do it myself, but I still got some spots because I wanted to increase the height in it. 

So that was my health and fitness today. Let me know yours in the comments!

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