Monday, February 25, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
So it's time for another health and fitness of the day post so let's get started.

What I ate today:
Pound cake with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream
Pepperoni pizza
Chicken sandwich
Lomi salmon
2 bit brownie
So overall, it was a pretty bad day. My parents made breakfast for me so although it isn't the healthiest thing, I felt a little obliged to eat it because they took the time to make it. Once again, my parents leave no leftovers in the fridge for me to take for lunch so I had to search through the fridge and the only thing that I could take was this piece of pizza. My dinner was really yummy because it was hawaiian food and that is seriously like one of my favorite types of food along with japanese :D

My fitness today:
I was really sore from gymnastics yesterday so I didn't exercise because I didn't want to injure myself or make myself more sore for tumbling tomorrow.

So that was my health and fitness of the day! Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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