Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
It's time for another health and fitness of the day post! Let's get started.

What I ate today:
Life cereal
Strawberry smoothie
Pasta salad
1/2 redvine
1/2 piece cornbread
Rice & mashed potatoes
Pound cake with strawberries
So today was a very starch based day with the rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, and cake. That's okay, but I think that I need to try and get more fats and protein into my diet tomorrow because that is what gives you longer lasting energy because carbohydrates burn off faster!

My fitness today:
I had yoga today. We started working on some twists and a variation on a sun salutation that had a chaturanga in it. Those are surprisingly difficult to do! I think that doing a ton of those helped my arm strength. We also worked on some core postures like planks that really helped my strength!

So that was my health and fitness of the day! Let me know yours in the comments!

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