Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

Hey everyone!
So it is time for another health ad fitness of the day post. I'm going to make this quick just like yesterdays post.

What I ate today:
chicken salad
iced tea
green tea frap
So overall, it wasn't the best day. I ate both some cake and the green tea frap. This wasn't the healthiest for me, but I got some nutrition in my breakfast with the smoothie (peach and banana) and also in my lunch because my salad had chicken, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, sprouts, cucumber, and noodles. It was really good. I loved everything that I ate and it made me happy, so I can justify what I ate because I felt good after eating it!

My fitness today:
Nothing. Once again I did nothing. In my defense, I spent the morning watching television (the following, castle, and hawaii 5-O) and the afternoon to now I was at the mall shopping with one of my friends. I know that I should have made time to exercise, but I didn't. Whatevers I'm Human!!! I make mistakes and tomorrow I'll exercise a little bit more to make
up for today. 

Let me know your heath and fitness in the comments below!

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