Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Health and fitness of the day

So let's just get into this.

What I ate today:
garlic chicken
orange dreamcicle
1/2 teri beef sandwich
salad w/ italian dressing
chocolate cupcake
So it wasn't the healthiest day, but I had a rough start. You know how people are like "I drink a smoothie and I'm good for the day" I thought that I could drink a smoothie and be set until lunch, but nope. I am one of those people that needs a huge breakfast. Lesson learned. So I was famished the rest of the day so I ate everything in sight. Just kidding, but really I ate a lot more that I should have. 

My exercise:
Honestly, I keep saying I'm going to exercise and I don't. So that's basically it. Nothing. Not even the mini exercises like jumping  jacks. None of that. 

So basically today I ate everything in sight and didn't exercise. So I'm going to say that's a bad day overall. Let me know how your health and fitness of the day was in the comments and let me know some exercises I can try out to keep me motivated!

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