Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone!
So today was a whirlwind of a day so I'll get started.
I woke up at 8 today because I had gymnastics this morning. After gymnastics, me and my family went to the mall. I asked my mom whether there would be lion dances because they freak me out like nothing else on this world and when she didn't reply, I took that as a no. Big mistake. There was a lion dance at the mall and I have an irrational fear of it and I started to have panic attacks. My parents (of course) wanted to go and see the lions so I retreated to the second floor of the mall. Of course there are 2 lions up there too. So I ran into a charolette russe and hid there. My mom had to drag me out there to eat lunch and she said the table wouldn't be bothered by the lion dances. She lied. So I had to run outside while they were by my table. It sucked. It sucked even more because my parents didn't realize I was that afraid of them or thought it was a joke or something, which it was not. One of my friends has a fear of lizards, where when she sees one, she startes to get panic attacks and cry. That is my exact reaction with lion dances. Don't ask me why, because I don't even know. So that sucked soooo much. Then I get home and I have a crap ton of homework to do. So I did that and lucky me, I didn't even finish it.

Funniest moment: there wasn't any. Unless you count my fear of lion dances as funny. Then that was my funny moment.

Best part of the day: gym was pretty good. You can read more about that in my health and fitness of the day post.

Worst part of the day: ummm let me see. THE LION DANCE. It was freaking scary and I was dying in the mall. And they were everywhere!

So let me know what your day was like in the comments!

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