Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hi everyone! So today was an exciting day so let's get started!
I had math at 7:30 today and today, everyone decided to schedule tests for wednesday. So I guess on wednesday I have a math test, chem test, spanish test, and a history test. That's going to be fun. Just joking! But really, I should start studying. I had other classes but that wasn't that interesting. I had history with torpedo today. It was so funny because he kept writing things and saying things like chode and other inappropriate stuff. It was hilarious. Until my teacher started lecturing us about how we need to learn how to be more productive in class. Today was my sister's birthday so we had a super fun mini party with my family for her tonight. It was just my grandparents and my family and it was fun. We ate chinese food and we had a cake and she got to open presents. I got her a bathing suit from the disney store. It was so adorable. 

Funniest moment: History when torpedo wrote some weird stuff in the google chat again and our teacher saw it. It was hilarious!

Best part of the day: My sister's birthday. It was great seeing her so happy and joyous especially when she opened the present I got for her!

Worst part of the day: learning I'm going to have 4 tests on wednesday :(

Let me know how your day was in the comments!

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