Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's recap the day

So today was a typical day where I had math at 7:30. That was boring. Who cares about arcs and circles and stuff like that? So then I had a break. My friend brought me a tall iced caramel macchiato from starbucks and that made my day! Then during that looong break me and my friend got to talking about some relationship stuff that I don't really want to write! So... we also started assigning sesame street characters to people in our group of friends to use as "code names". I'm abby caddaby!!! I had yoga today (for more about that check out my health and fitness of the day post) and that was super good and relaxing. Sometimes you just need that time to relax! I had history with torpedo today. It was so funny. We were doing some group discussion things and torpedo got caught up in another class, but because he wasn't it our class it counted as a "ditch" this means that his grade goes down a full level (i.e. A goes down to B) Then he comes into our class like 40 minutes late making a huge ruckus and it was so funny because our teacher was like "great. He came to class." I had tumbling after school today and that was okay. I watched the Lakers vs Suns game tonight and I think that Kobe was having an off night! Like 8 turnovers? Really? But I was glad that Jamison played a lot and I think that in the fourth quarter Metta World Peace was on fire!

Funniest moment: Definitely asian history! Torpedo totally makes the class enjoyable and funny, but our teacher constantly gives us lectures on how we are disorderly and we have productivity issues

Best part of the day: Getting my caramel macchiato!!!

Worst part of the day: Watching the 3rd quarter of the Lakers vs Suns game. It was painful to watch them miss basket after basket!!!

Let me know how your day was in the comments!

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