Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone! So it's only like 7 here, but I don't think that my day is going to get any more interesting or cool than it already is so I'm going to do this post early! Let's get started.
I had math at 7:30 again. Except this time it wasn't just math, it was a math test. I actually thought that it was pretty okay. Like I feel like hopefully I'll do well on this (especially because my last 2 tests were a B and a B-). Then I had chem and I had a test in that class too. It was pretty bad because I feel like he didn't teach us a lot of the things such as polymerization. Then I had a break, which I spent studying for my spanish and history tests. This seems like a fun day, right? Well then I had english which was pretty good. We were just reading and stuff. Then I had spanish. The test wasn't too bad, but then we got put into groups for a project and lucky me, I get stuck in the group of guys. And all of my friends are in a different group! Then I had asian. It was so funny because our teacher told us not to "feed the troll" aka prod torpedo on, but in the end, he was the one that ended up "feeding the troll". I also had orchestra. It was good because me and someone got to talking and it was good because it made class go by faster!

Funniest moment: totally when my teacher started talking to us about "feeding the troll" it was so funny and the weirdest moment!

Best part of the day: um getting home after school and watching last nights dance moms and the lying game! later tonight I'm going to watch pretty little liars too!

Worst part of the day: having 4 tests! It is a rare thing to have 4 tests on the same day and I hope that it never happens again!

Let me know how your day was in the comments!

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