Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey guys! Happy valentine's day! So let's get into the day.
I had math at 7:30 again. I got my test back and although we didn't get a curve yet, I think that I did good on it. I had some other classes that wasn't that interesting. In advisory, we got rose grams and I got one from an anonymous person. I don't think that its a secret admirer: I think that its one of my friends! I had spanish later on and it was pretty interesting. We had to invent a game that uses vocab words and I was in the group of all guys (except me). They were drawing phallic objects on the whiteboard and I got stuck doing all of the work. Fun. So I came home and I got to eat a really yummy dinner and we went to baskin robins and got ice cream! I got the cherries jubilie fyi. 

Funniest moment: Spanish! I know that I complain about doing all the work, but I have an odd sense of humor so I thought their drawings were funny in the beginning and they started messing with me when they helped because they were supposed to draw circles and I'm super OCD about it and they were drawing it messed up on purpose.

Best part of the day: Ice cream!!! nuff said

Worst part of the day: seeing the lakers lose! Dwight was so off and all of them seemed to give up in the fourth quarter. Also, I thought that Kobe would get kicked out because he was pissed!

So that was my day, how was yours? Let me know in the comments.

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