Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone! 
So it's time for another lets recap the day post. Today wasn't that interesting, but let's get into it anyways.
So I had math at 7:30 again. I know that I told you all yesterday that I thought that I did good on the math test, but didn't know since I didn't get the curve. It turns out that I did pretty bad, actually. I got 27/32, which was pretty good because the rest of my class got 8 or 9 wrong. I thought that I was going to get an A- or B+ with the curve, which I would have been fine with. Nope. I got a B. :( Then I had chem. That was boring because it wasn't anything interesting. BTW we also got our grades so far in the class and I'm getting a B+! Its not the best, and some of my friends would be pissed with that grade, but I think that its good and I actually am proud of that grade! :D I had spanish later and we were playing vocab word games. We were playing a version of taboo and it was really difficult because I didn't study the words before the game, which I should have. It was really embarrassing! I had orchestra later as my last class of the day. All of the cello section except for 5 of us were on trips or absent or ditching class or something like that. It was fun though because I got to talk to someone that I maybe have a little crush on and I got to sit in the front of orchestra rather than the back!

Funniest moment: I was watching the celeb basketball game with my dad because we had recorded it and I thought that Kevin Hart was so funny! I also thought that Arnie should have won MVP even though Kevin won it. 

Best part of the day: I think the best part of the day was orchestra because it's always fun talking to someone you like!

Worst part of the day: Spanish was super embarrassing! Everyone knew the words except me and it was very weird being the only one that didn't know the right words!

So that was my day, let me know how yours was in the comments!

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