Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey guys!
So it is time for another let's recap the day post! So let's get started.
I woke up at 7:00 because my parents and sister woke up early because my sister had a interview for school. I watched some television while I ate breakfast this morning. At 10ish I went to school because I had to work a shift at a booth at the fundraiser. I was working at the booth that sells used books and I was there for 3 hours. It was pretty fun because I was working with my friends and we found a wheres waldo book and we were doing that for a while. Also, when we weren't working at the cash register we could just walk around the area where we worked and read random books or talk to our friends or text or whatevers which I thought was really cool. After my shift was done, I went with one of my friends and we walked around the fair. I ate lots of good food and played so many games! Like so many! My favorite was the one where you have the balls and you roll them to make the cars move. I won a hello kitty stuffed animal at that game! So that was pretty much my day. After the fair I went home and ate food that I brought home from the fair. I also watched some television (dance moms anyone?) and started brainstorming blog posts for my other blog ( I also watched a little bit of youtube (started watching chrissy costanza's videos) and that was it. 

Funniest moment: When me and my friends were playing where's waldo one of my friends could not, would not, find waldo. I would be like there's waldo! and she would be like looking on the opposite side of the page. Also, when I tried to let her win by not telling her where waldo was when I saw him, she took like 10 minutes more than everyone else to find waldo. It was hilarious and we had some laughs about that!

Best part of the day: Definitely the food at the fair! For more about the food click here. It was so good and it was typical fair/carnival food, but so much better! My favorite was the noodles, but the smoothies and ice cream were so good too!

Worst part of the day: I woke up today and realized that I got a little bit sunburned on my face from yesterday. It sucks because I don't want to put on any face makeup because I don't want to aggravate it, but at the same time I really want to mask it. UGH!

Let me know how your day was in the comments below!

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