Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's recap the day

So I had math at 7:30 again. That wasn't that fun, but we were doing some drawings, which I think was pretty easy and different. One of my friends brought me a starbucks to chem. This was really good because it made my chem class better! I got my quiz back and I got a perfect on it :D but it was a really easy quiz so I kind of thought I was going to do well on it. I also got my grades thus far and I am currently getting an A-, which makes me very happy :D In spanish we made some goo/slime with glue and borax, which was really fun and we also got to do some history reenactments! I had gym later, but you can read that in my health and fitness of the day post. 

Funniest moment: One of my friends was "sick" or pretending to be sick so we sent him an ecard from a girl who likes him, but he doesn't like. It was kind of a joke and I think that it was soooo funny!

Best part of the day: getting my starbucks and getting a perfect on my chem quiz!

Worst part of the day: having math at 7:30. At least I don't have it tomorrow!

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