Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone!
So it's time for another let's recap the day post. Let's get started.
I didn't start school until 8:30 today, which was a nice break considering I usually start every day at 7:30. I had a lot of breaks today, which was also nice, and it allowed me to get some of my homework done during school! I had yoga later today, and I really enjoyed that. I got back the history test that I took last week and I got a 71/80 on it, which I thought was really good! It was an 89% and it was above the class average of 84%. At home, I made a facebook page for this blog and the other blog! (search livelovemakeup14 on facebook) and I started brainstorming some ideas for my other blog!

Funniest moment: Didn't really have any today :(

Best part of the day: getting a good score on that history test! It's amazing when you feel like you're going to do bad, but then do good!

Worst part of the day: My sister is sick and is barfing right now. It is just terrible to see her so sick!

So that was my day! Let me know how yours was in the comments!

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