Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's recap the day

So its time for another let's recap the day post! So today I woke up at 8, which was actually pretty late for me. I had gym at 10. I watched the super bowl for a little while, but honestly I am not the hugest football fan. I am okay when watching it, but I would rather be watching a NBA game than a NFL game. And BTW I watched the Lakers/Pistons game earlier today and I think that the lakers are slowly improving. But I think that once dwight is back starting, the lakers will be winning by more than 1 point. LOL. I watched the first 2 episodes of the following because my dad was telling me how good it was. That show is INTENSE! and this is coming from someone who loves Southland. But really, I think that this is going to become one of my favorite television shows because Kevin Bacon is really good in it! I also watched other television shows and movies and everything. And that was pretty much the end of my day! Not very interesting, but I think that overall it was a good day!

Funniest moment: When I was watching the following (episode 2) there is a part where Kevin Bacon is looking in the mirror and you can see these masks behind them. Then, all of a sudden someone wearing one of the masks run into him with a gun. I didn't think that anyone was wearing the mask so my guard was down and stuff, but when it happened it freaked me out because my dad scared me at the same time and I screamed so loud! It was pretty funny because that part of the show wasn't even that scary!

Best part of the day: watching the following. It is no joke sooo good and I would totally recommend checking it out if you are the least bit interested in the show! 

Worst part of the day: gymnastics. It was super tiring because a) it's gymnastics for a straight hour and b) because I was already tired from yesterday!

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