Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's recap the day

It's really late right now and I totally put off this post until I was about ready to go to sleep so here is my day. 
I woke up at 8 again. I didn't have school today because it was one of those development days or whatever. I watched some television. I saw Do No Harm and honestly, I think that it is a pretty good show. I don't know how long the show will last because it doesn't seem to give the writers a lot to work with, but I also think that it shows some similarities to A Gifted Man. Let me know in the comments if you see that too! I watched television until lunch time. Then, I watched the five year engagement. It was my first time watching the movie and I don't think that it was that good. In the beginning I was like "this is going to be hilarious", but as the movie got more serious I started to dislike it a little bit. 
I also made some wrap bracelets and I think that I'm going to do a tutorial on it on my other blog (www.livelovemakeup14.blogspot.com) soon. That was pretty much my day! Oh also, I did a little mini photo shoot in the back yard with myself so I could get some new profile pics LOL.

Funniest moment: I don't think that there were any LOL moments today! Awwww, hopefully there will be more LOL moments tomorrow!

Best part of the day: Watching television. I love television (like you all know) and the best days for me are the days where I can just watch all the shows I love the entire day!

Worst part of the day: The weather was pretty ugly today. It was rainy and cloudy, but at the same time windy and hot. It was not the best weather. 

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