Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone!
So this morning I had to wake up early because I had school :( I had math at 7:30 and that was terrible. It's like you know its going to be a bad day when you get a B- on a math test. I had another class and other stuff that isn't that interesting. In english I forgot/didn't do the homework that was due and I actually tweeted about it. I also had spanish today! It was good because it was pretty much a conversation and we got our tests back. I got 10 wrong, which I am honestly happy with that because I thought I was going to do worse. That was pretty much my school day, but after that I decided to stay at school for a little while and hang with my friends. It was pretty awkward because I was with people that I know, but I am not good friends with and they were talking about sex and weird stuff and I felt a little out of place. But that aside, their conversation was pretty funny! I got home and watched dance moms and the lying game. I thought that dance moms was so good and I was like yelling at the screen when chloe didn't win first for her solo! So that was pretty much my day!

Funniest moment: there were a lot of funny moments today, but nothing LOL. Something that I thought was funny was when me and my friends was talking to a guy in our grade and he was showing us these super creepy, funny, drawings that he drew of girls in swimsuits. It was so funny, but you might think that its creepy by the way that I'm writing it.

Best part of the day: getting my spanish test back because it was a 86% and that is like a B, which is good considering I thought I was going to get a F.

Worst part of the day: not turning in my english hw. I am one of those perfectionists that always turn in their hw on the day its due and I felt so guilty telling my teacher that I didn't do it, although she was super cool about it and all. 

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