Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone! 
So today I woke up early again. I had math at 7:30 again. That wasn't that fun. I had other classes that wasn't that fun. I did a lot of homework during my breaks today, which in hindsight was not the smartest idea. You guys may have seen my tweets on that (& follow me on twitter @livemakeup14). I also had to meet with my deans at school today to discuss what courses I'm taking next year. It went well and I think that I'm going to take some intense courses, but why not. I'm also taking glass blowing & I think that's going to be way cool. I had orchestra again and it was amazing. We had so much fun playing with those shoulder rests again! I was laughing like the entire time and it was so much fun and a good time. At home I watched pretty little liars and it was pretty intense. Like I think that Spencer is going downhill and although I think that the actress is pulling it off, I don't like Spencer as much, which sucks because she was my least favorite character to start with. 

Funniest moment: Orchestra! Who knew a piece of foam could be so much fun?

Best part of the day: Scheduling with my deans. I know that most people wouldn't think of it as the best part of the day, but it was nice getting to discuss my concerns about my education with them and choose what I want to take next year

Worst part of the day: So much homework!!! I just tweeted about it, but at least the homework that I have (at least the majority of it) isn't due until monday!

Let me know how your day was in the comments!

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