Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's recap the day

Hey everyone!
So today started off good because I didn't have math at 7:30 :D I had orchestra and it was pretty bad. We had a substitute again and everyone wanted to ditch, but no one ended up ditching because we couldn't decide who would ditch. Instead, we played like 20 questions with the sub and wasted 20 minutes of class time. It was so much better than playing! I had yoga today and I'll write more about that in my health and fitness of the day post. I had history class again, with torpedo and the rest of them. It was hilarious because in google docs when you have a group doc you can chat. People started chatting about random stuff and we started playing the rhyming game. Keep in mind, this is when my teacher was still teaching. So someone wrote hit as the word that we would have to rhyme with. Instead of writing pit, lit, sit, torpedo wrote "shit" it was so funny because my teacher saw that because the docs was projected in the front of the class. It was so hilarious. Then torpedo goes and writes in a history of the word to prove that its not that "bad". It was totally unnecessary and hilarious. It made my day. I got home and watched some television (scandal = amazing) I also got my phone! It is a LG extravert and I am loving it right now!

Funniest moment: History class!

Best part of the day: Not having to wake up early for math class! I like not having class until 8:30 rather than having math at an ungodly hour. Also I got a new phone!!!

Worst part of the day: Orchestra totally seemed like a total waste of time! I totally should have ditched LOL

So that's my day, how was yours? Let me know in the comments! Also subscribe if you like my blog!

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