Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's recap the day

So it's time for another let's recap the day post. I'm going to try and keep this one quick.
So I woke up at 8 again. I watched some television (the following, castle, hawaii 5-O) while I ate breakfast and all throughout the morning. My friend picked me up at around 12 and we went out for lunch. We went to a tea house and I had a salad and an iced tea. It was really good! I am going to go back to that place more often because it was so yummy! Then we went to the mall. I bought some makeup and earrings and candles. I posted a CVS haul here and a BABW and Forever 21 haul here. It was fun because I got to catch up with her and go makeup shopping! Also, I love shopping with her because she is the best and we can talk about anything/everything. I also met my parents there later and we went out for dinner at a great ramen place and I went to Old Navy because I had some rewards that I needed to use up. I can do a mini haul on that later. So that was pretty much my day!

Funniest moment: having a random lady tell me my tag was sticking out of my leggings. I know that normal people wouldn't think of it as funny or would think of it as embarrassing, but I thought that it was funny!

Best part of the day: lunch and shopping with my bestie! It was so fun and I got some amazing things!

Worst part of the day: my sister fell off the monkey bars and she bumped her head hard and it was pretty scary. She had to go to the doctor and although she is okay, it freaked me out!

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