Saturday, February 23, 2013

the secret life of a private highschooler

Hey everyone!
So if you are going to leave bad comments or are going to get offended with the topics of underage drinking and drugs and sex then x out and go read something else. Otherwise let's get started.
I went shopping with one of my friends today and she is a hard core partier. She is a little bit looser than me and has hooked up with 2 guys in our group of friends. We were talking today and the topic of drugs/alcohol came up. Apparently one of our friends (let's call him Bob) is a pothead. It's so weird because he looks nerdy and dorky and doesn't look like a pothead at all. Apparently another person in my group of friends is also a pothead. Then I found out later that another person I know is a drug dealer. Let's call him Tom. Tom deals drugs to everyone, but this really isn't a surprise because it's pretty well known within my grade that he is a drug dealer. There is a girl in my grade (Kara) who apparently gives Tom blowjobs at school for her drugs. It's so crazy because I had no clue about all of this! Like I knew people did drugs, but I didn't know all of these details! There's also a lot of drinking at my school. Like Bob is a hardcore drinker too and at all of the parties we go to he spikes the drinks with alcohol (vodka). I don't really have any problems with the drinking because sometimes when I am having off days I need some alcohol to mellow me out! Like right now I am having a blended drink with beer, ice, and strawberries. It is so good because the strawberries helps get rid of the icky beer taste (sooo not my drink). I guess theres a group of "purists" in my group of friends too that don't drink and are 100% against drugs. These friends also don't deal with us drinking/doing drugs well because they "shun" the people that do stuff for like weeks or something. Then the friend that told me about the potheads and stuff then told me that she "hooked up with Bob" when they were both high. I guess he couldn't get an erection though so they actually ended up only making out LOL. But really, I had no idea that all of this was happening.
So please don't leave negative comments below because I will delete them if they are inappropriate or critical of me and my friends. Also, keep in mind that I only drink like once every 2 months or something like that and that I don't do drugs. 
*All names have been changed

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