Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weather update: its freeeeezing

Hi guys so its time for another weather update from sunny rainy hawaii. It is 7 in the morning right now and it is soooo cold. I know that on the mainland it is still really cold, but I'm talking about cold for Hawaii. It's 66°. You guys might laugh when you read this, but I think that it is really cold. I'm used to wearing tank tops and now I actually have to wear jackets too LOL. But the weather has been weird because it looks cloudy and rainy, but by noon it will be super sunny and hot. It's hard to dress myself because I want to wear a jacket and jeans if its going to be cold and rainy, but if it's sunny I want to wear tank tops. It is very confusing. :D So post your weather updates in the comments!

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