Sunday, March 31, 2013

April has officially begun

Hey guys!
So it is the start of April! You know what that means... April fools day! It's seriously still easter (march 31) where I am, but I am already starting to feel the april pranks. The first one that I got was by youtube! If you don't know, I make some youtube beauty videos (I'll link my channel here) and I was checking my video manager and I saw a new symbol saying my video was "nominated" and linking me to this video. The video basically says that youtube is ending for now, and won't be back up until a few years from now with only one video available! I was super confused and shocked because I was like "I just started youtube videos! I don't want to end" and then like halfway through the video, I was like "oh, wait! Its a prank!" So I just wanted to share that with you guys and if you want to see that video, click here!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Staycation

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a fun post telling you all about my staycation! I live in Hawaii, and for all of you that don't know, tourism is like the biggest industry here so that means that there are tons of hotels. My parents surprised us and took us to the Embassy Suites for a night! So this is just going to be my recap of the stay. 
So we checked in at 3ish and we went up to the room, which was nice because it was a suite (like all the rooms are at the embassy suites) and it was on the same level as the pool, which was convenient, but the room was really noisy! Like there was some weird humming and it got really annoying. So my dad complained about it and asked if we could get moved to another room. So we got moved into a bigger suite! Instead of the one bedroom suite that we had before, we got moved into one that had two bedrooms and two bathrooms and we payed the same amount as the one bedroom suite! That was amazing and such a nice gesture on the part of the hotel. Oh! And before I forget, another great thing the hotel does is they give you yummy juice upon check in! Then we went to the pool, which is a salt water pool that has a big swim area, a shallow area for toddlers and a hot tub! It was so amazing and I think I got a nice tan! Then we went shopping (forever21?) and out to dinner and went to the sheraton (another hotel in the area) and got ice cream! 
So that was my staycation in a nutshell! I just wanted to let y'all know about my staycation because I haven't done any let's recap the day type blogs in a while! So subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

Let's get fit... together!

Hey guys!
So I recently came across a blog that focuses on healthy eating and workouts! I decided to try and follow the schedule they have and do some of the workout routines that they have (I'm doing the easter themed one today!) and I wanted to try and make this a group effort! I want you guys to comment back how you're exercising and getting fit and I'll continue to do some updates on how I'm doing! So here's their website: and I'd love for you to do this with me!
So here's to getting bikini ready fast!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite TV shows

Hey guys!
So I know that I do these favorite TV show posts every single week, but I wanted to do another one! So I'm going to share with you my top 5 favorite shows of the moment!

1) American Dad!
This is amazing and I like it more than Family Guy because it has roger the alien (he's like me in a cartoon) and I like how Stan is a CIA agent because it makes the plots fun and I like the characters in American Dad better than those in other animated shows.

2) Castle
This is AMAZING! This last episode with Ryan and the mob was totally amazing and the writing is always great with this show and its one of those shows where you can start watching any time and completely understand what's going on (aka you don't need to start from the 1st season). 

3) Modern Family
This weeks episode was super funny too! I love how well the cast works together and the writing is also incredible and I really love how Cam and Mitch are on the show!

4) The Middle
The last few episodes have been more sentimentally rather than funny, but I still love it! I really like the axl and sue relationship and I like this show because its very relatable and it usually has a nice family moment at the end. 

5) Southland
This show is super great and I love how its always super intense, but not too fake. Like you think that it could actually be real! Its another show where you can start watching at any time and sort of get whats going on. It's not for the squeemish though, because sometimes it can get a bit graphic. 

So those are my top 5 tv shows of the moment! I'd love to hear yours so leave it in a comment below and subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Drink favorites

Hey everyone!
I did a foodie favorites post yesterday on this blog (if you didn't see it click here) So I decided to do a post on my drink favorites because I have lots of these too! So I have narrowed my drinks down to my top 5 so here they are!

1) Starbucks iced caramel macchiato
I included this in my foodie favorites post, but this is still worth mentioning in this one! It's sooo yummy and if you want to cut calories you can get it skinny! I heard that a tall skinny one has 100 calories from my mom, but I don't know if that's accurate or not. Anyways I highly recommend this if you want some coffee taste, but hate the bitterness of it!

2) Diet Coke
This is terrible for you, but I drink it anyways! I end up drinking 1-2 cups of this or more every day and I know that I'm probably going to die 10 years younger because of all the chemicals in it but #YOLO! But seriously, I live off of this stuff!

3) Starbucks iced black tea with 1/2 the sweetener
This tea is super yummy and when I don't get my caramel macchiato I get this! I only get it with 1/2 the sweetener because when I get it without any sweetener it's a little bland for my tasting, but I realized that I don't need the full amount of sweetener so this is a happy medium!

4) Passion Iced Tea
Sorry guys! It's really late now and I'm in my bedroom so I can't tell you the brand that makes these tea bags, but I'll update this tomorrow to let you know the exact brand and type but my mom makes this tea and its super flavorful and good and you don't have to add anything (no sugar or lemon) to make it delicious!

5) Smoothies!
I have been loving smoothies (for my favorite recipe click here) and I had to include this in my post! I love strawberry banana smoothies and peach banana smoothies because they are just so dang yummy!

So those are my top 5 drink favorites of the moment! I'd love to hear what yours are so leave it below in a comment and also remember to subscribe to this blog because new content is going up daily!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Foodie favorites ☆

Hey guys!
So I wanted to do a foodie favorites post today because I am a huge foodie! So let's get into it.

Brownie Brittle
OMG! This stuff is amazing! It is like a brownie, but crispy and crunchy like a cookie or brittle. It was amazing! I get mine from Sam's Club, but I think that you should be able to get it from any grocery store. My favorite flavor is chocolate chip, but I haven't tried any other flavors yet. Also, these are a pretty "good" dessert for you or a "healthier" dessert because it's 20 calories per brownie, which is pretty big! Its just soooo good and yummy!

Chobani peach yogurt
This is my favorite flavor of the Chobani greek yogurts. I also think the pomagranite one is good, but I love the peach one the most. It is really good because the peach is at the bottom and is one of the yogurts where you mix it together. It is a greek yogurt so it makes me feel full (like I'm not hungry 10 minutes later :D) and it's also a little bit tangy and not overly sweet like some of the yoplait ones are. I would try this out if you like greek yogurt and want a yummy flavor!

From Starbuck's: Iced Caramel Macchiato 
This is super good and I know that they're currently promoting this with the hazelnut macchiato, but I like the caramel one more. I like getting it layered because all the caramel sinks to the bottom and when you drink it, it tastes really sweet and good and yummy! It also gives me the caffeine that I need without the yucky coffee taste. 

From Wendy's: Ultimate Chicken Grill
This is so not a healthy sandwich, but it is really yummy! It's a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato and my favorite part of it is the honey mustard spread on the sandwich! It is so yummy and I trick myself into thinking its "healthy" because the chicken's grilled, but that's okay if it's not that healthy because its so delicious!

From McDonald's: Cheeseburger and Side Salad with Italian Dressing
I get this from McDonald's every single time I go because its really yummy! I get the greasy, yummy, unhealthy stuff from the cheeseburger, but I also feel like I'm "evening it out" or making it a little bit more healthy with the salad. I also really like the Italian dressing that I get with the salad because it's really tangy and yummy and you don't need to douse the salad in this to make it taste good!

So those are my foodie favorites of the moment! Let me know yours in the comments below and also subscribe to this channel if you like it!

Daily Bloggin?

Hey everyone!
I know that I've been neglecting this blog recently, but I promise that I'm going to try and get back to a regular schedule. I've just been so busy recently with my other blog ( and my new youtube channel (here) that I haven't had any time to post! So I think that I'm going to try get back to my daily recaps but maybe instead of doing it every single day I'll try to do every other day or something like that. I'll also try to do some more recipes and organization and anything else you would like to see!
So leave any requests in the comments and I'll talk to you soon!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movie review: The Croods

Hey guys!
So I got this amazing deal from Flixter last week where I could see "the croods" for free 1 week before it premiered. So I went and decided to do a quick review for you. 
First off, if you don't like animated movies you will hate this movie because it's (obviously) animated. Also, if you don't like "childish humour" or sillier movies and comedies then also skip this movie. So first I'll do a quick synopsis of the movie. So there is a caveman family "the croods" that are forced to relocate after their cave collapsed and their world is "ending". They follow "guy" (voiced by Ryan Renolds) to "tomorrow" where they believe they will be safe. I really really liked this movie. Sometimes animated movies can have weak storylines, but this movie was great. It was very well rounded because you have the conflict between the dad and guy, the love between guy and eep (voiced by Emma Stone *I might not have spelt that right) and also the issues between eep and her father. This movie let the storylines develop nicely and also the way that eep and her father (Nicolas Cage) interact is great because it is relatable and I think that it mirrors a typical father daughter relationship nicely. 
Overall, I really like the storyline of the movie, plus the animation was A+ material because (especially the tropical scenes) looked beautiful and stunning. I also loved how the voices matched the characters perfectly and how the humour is silly enough for younger kids (my 5 year old sister loved this movie) but still appeals to older people (my parents also loved it!).
I hope this was helpful for you guys! I'll try and post more on this blog too because I've been neglecting it for a few days. 


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Monday, March 18, 2013

the incredible Burt Wonderstone review

Hey guys!
So I saw the incredible Burt Wonderstone this weekend and I decided to do a quick review of the movie for you. First off let me start by saying I am not going to do any spoilers in this post so if you want to see the movie you can without me ruining it! 
So first, this movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. Some comedy movies put the funniest parts of the movies into the trailers so when you see the movie you don't get anything out of it. This was not one of these movies. It was very funny and the comedy was a little weird though. You have Jim Carrey playing a magician, but the comedy that he does is dark and a little bit grotesque sometimes. Then you have Steve Carell and the comedy that he does is more sexual and more normal. This is not a movie for young children or people that get grossed out super easily. Jim Carrey does a few magic tricks in this movie that are very graphic and I think that if you get grossed out very easily then you will not like this movie. Also, there is a lot of sexual innuendo in this movie with Steve Carell in the beginning and later with Olivia Wilde. There is also some swearing so I just don't think that this is in any way an appropriate movie for kids under 11 at least. That's probably why it was rated PG 13. 
This movie combines the comedy seen in a family friendly movie with magic, swearing, and sexual innuendo so overall, I don't think that this makes the best movie. I'm not saying it was a bad movie, because it wasn't and I don't regret seeing this movie, but go into the movie expecting a predictable storyline, but some great laughs! 
I hope that you enjoyed this movie review! I'll also be posting a review of "The Croods" soon so be on the lookout for that too!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pretty little liars TAG

Hey guys!
So if you've seen my other blog ( you've known that I started a youtube channel ( I did the pretty little liars TAG today because I saw Ingrid do it! So here it is.

So I hope you enjoyed this video and also I'd love to know your answers to this TAG so leave it as a video response to the video or leave it as a comment! Also thumbs up this video if you liked it and subscribe to this blog!

Here are the questions:
1. Which girl's style do you love the most? Which girl do you relate to the most?
2. Why do the girls keep seeing Alison? Do you think there's something more behind it?
3. Who's your crush on the show? ;)
4. Who is your least favorite character? (Out of the 4 girls and overall)
5. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?
6. Do you think Toby is really dead?
7. What would you do if A was after YOU?!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Attention Whores?

Hey guys!
So I've just been dealing with some personal drama and stuff recently and I thought that I would just share a bit of what I've been going through with you! So I have a friend. For the sake of this post let's call her Amanda (but that's not her real name) and she used to go out with another friend of mine let's call him Jake (that's not his real name either). I was friends with jake for 5 years or so before Jake and Amanda started going out. But I did not know Amanda well before then. So I decided I was obligated to try and be friends or at least be civil with Amanda because me and Jake were so close so I became pretty good friends with her. Well in short, they broke up. And I was the middle man for months. I was friends with both of them and when the rest of my friends split and chose between Jake and Amanda I tried to remain in the middle and friends with them both. Amanda started telling me all these things about her and Jake and later her and another one of my friends that was honestly TMI! So then it got to a point where I couldn't keep one of her friends away from Jake because he deserved to know (it was that she hooked up with one of his best friends). So I told him. I know that it may or may not have been the best thing to do, but I did it anyway. He got pissed (understandably) and she doesn't know that I told him. Then I started catching on to her attention whore behavior like always talking loud, always telling me more than she should or more than I needed to know to get a rise out of me, always bragging about how she was going to get a car... And I realized that I'm over it. It got to the point where I was just like F you! You can do what (and who you want) but I don't need to be a part of that. So in a way, I did end up choosing Jake over Amanda! 
Well anyways if you read this whole post, thanks! I know it was a long one... Also let me know how you deal with attention whores in the comments!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favorite shows to watch on Monday

Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to do a quick post about what I watch on monday! I think I did tuesday and wednesday and thursday already so I just wanted to round it off and do monday today! So this is what I watch!

The Following: It's so good! It's one of those shows where you need to watch it from the beginning to get it, but I am hooked! Especially last weeks episode was really good!

Castle: This is another really good show. It is nice because you can start watching any time and understand whats going on! 

The Carrie Diaries: I am not completely sold on this show yet, but I've been watching it to see whether or not it grows on me...

So those are the shows I watch on monday! Let me know what you watch in the comments!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

what happened last night aka what really goes on during a highschool dance

Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to do a quick post letting y'all know what happened last night. If you didn't know, last night was a dance for my grade at my school. There was food in the cafeteria and later we went in the gym where they had hired a dj to play music for us. So let's get started. 
I arrived and it was pretty segregated. In my group, there are around equal numbers of girls and boys. Like all the girls sat on one table and all the boys sat on another. I didn't really mind, but to be honest, in my group I'm really close to 1 girl and pretty close with like another 2 or 3, but I am honestly better friends with some of the guys. So that sucked because I didn't have much to talk about. So then we were eating and all that and then it was time to go into the gym. At my school, there are some people (actually most people) that grind. I'm not one of these people, but if they want to do that, then they can. So one of my friends, really likes this guy and wanted to dance (aka grind) with him, but was too afraid to because they had issues (aka they both got high and tried to have sex, but he couldn't get the sail up). So instead, she goes and grinds with the most annoying, weirdest, most hated person that hangs out near us. Literally everyone around me was like "what the heck" when she did that and I'm really close friends with her ex and we were both like "holy $h!t!" Well actually, this post wasn't too interesting. But that's what happened during my dance last night! Let me know in the comments what happens at dances at your school!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sometimes it feels like I just can't win

Hey everyone!
So this post is going to be a rant just because I have not been having the best day today. So if you don't want to read it, then that's okay, but here it is. 
There are some people that I hate. I hate liars, I hate people who say they'll do one thing and then don't and sometimes I hate my friends. Let's just be honest here, my friends constantly bail on me. I'll be like "Hey do you want to go to a movie on Friday" on monday to them and when they say yes. I expect that they'll stick with it and go. It's not like it's one of these last minute things. But still almost every time I make some effort to hang out with my friends. They bail. There are some times when I know that it is inevitable or they have a legit excuse, but today my friend told me she couldn't go to the movies because of homework due on monday. I was like WTF because we're going to a school dance anyways so how much homework are you going to get done after that? I just hate it when I always put myself out there and make an effort to get together with my friends, but they bail at the last minute.
Sorry about that rant, but I just needed to get it out there.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday TV time!

So I did blog posts on what I watch on tuesdays and wednesdays earlier this week, so today I am doing what I watch on thursday. 

The Office:
It hasn't been that good these past few seasons after Steve Carell left, but its the last season so I figured that I should watch it!

1600 Penn:
I think it's hilarious! I love every character on this show and although it isn't as funny as Modern Family or any of those shows, I like the plot of this show and it's great!

Love. This. Show. You need to watch this show if you aren't already! It is amazing and the characters are so diverse and unique and it is unlike any other tv show on right now!

It is so intense and I love it. It is crazy yet realistic and is the perfect action show!

So those are the shows I watch on thursday! Let me know what you think of these shows and what you watch on thursday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Watch Wednesday

Hey everyone!
So this is what I watch on wednesdays! I did Television Tuesday roundup (if you didn't see it I'll link it here) So anyways, these are the television shows I watch on wednesday.

The Middle:
Possibly one of the best television shows on! I totally love the quirkiness of the Heck family and I totally see myself as being Sue LOL!

Modern Family: 
I love this show too! It's hilarious and amazing and I know that everyone watches it, but it's for a good reason!

I think that's it! Wow I totally thought that there were more shows, but I guess that now that top chef is over I only watch these 2 shows!

So that's my what I watch wednesday! Let me know if theres any shows I should check out in the comments!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lets recap the day

So I'm finally trying to get back into the swing of things so I'm going to do a let's recap the day post :)

So I had math at 7:30. That sucked because I was really tired and because I realized that I missed the math test (because I stayed home on monday) and the next test is going to count 3X for me! Then I watched a historical movie during my history class. That sucked too. I had a break and got to talk to some of my friends and that was all good. Then I had english, which was really nice because she was just reading to us the entire class, which was really relaxing and chill. Then I had spanish. I had to self teach myself the lesson from monday and we had to play a game on it. But surprisingly I actually did well! I also got a test back (got an A) and received a letter from my pen pal (in Barcelona). Then I went home, took a quick nap and did my homework. I'm going to go to bed early again tonight (8:30 maybe?) Because I've been tired and I just need to sleep!

Funniest moment: NONE :(

Best part of the day: Spanish class! Just the entire class was good for me :D

Worst part of the day: Still being semi sick and lethargic

So that was my day! Let me know how your day was in the comments!

Tuesday Television Roundup

Hey everyone!
So with the new television season and some new shows on, I decided to update my week of television shows. Instead of doing them all at once (because I'm likely to forget some) I'm going to start to do it day by day starting with Tuesday! So these are the shows that I love that are on Tuesday (keep in mind I record lots of these or watch them online later in the week)

The Face: It's a new show that has 3 supermodels coach contestants to win a modeling job for Ulta beauty

Dance Mom's: This is my guilty pleasure! I love Maddie and Brooke the most, but Kendall and Chloe are also amazing!

Pretty Little Liars: This season has been so intense and I am so loving the new Spencer!

The Lying Game: Another good show that I'm loving (although it's not an absolute "must watch")

New Girl! I love Zooey and this show is just hilarious in every way possible

I think that I got all of the shows... So those are my favorite Tuesday night shows! Let me know yours in the comments!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Keyboard not working on a MacBook

Hi everyone!
So this isn't like my usual posts, but I need some help so any ideas on how to fix this will be of great help!
So yesterday I was typing on my laptop and the row of keys with the z stopped working. I thought restarting my laptop woe fix this so I did and then when I tried to type in my username and password all of the letter keys weren't working.
Please help me!!!!

So I'm still sick

Hey everyone!
So I'm still sick right now :( but I realize its been a while since I've posted so this is my journey through my stomach flu / virus thing.
So my sister got sick on Wednesday and my mom got sick on Thursday so the bug was going around. After I was dropped off at school on Friday, I started to feel queasy and nauseous. I was dying through all of my classes and by my last class, I was so lethargic and queasy and I felt bad. I was walking out of my class and I started getting the feeling that I was going to puke so I ran to put my stuff down and ran to the bathroom and puked in there. Then I got my parents to pick me up and I got home and started to throw up the remnants of my lunch and dry heave and throw up bike. It was freaking disgusting.
Saturday was better but I got these massive headaches whenever I changed positions from lying to sitting or from sitting to standing. It felt really bad and I'm still suffering from this now. Sunday was pretty much the same thing. At least on Sunday I could keep the solid food down.
Today is Monday and I'm not going to school because I was feeling nauseous all night and my head hurts. It just sucks because I'm missing a math test and lots of other classes.
So that was my sickness thus far. Let me know if you have had these random headaches like mine and how you treat them

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm Sick :(

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting on this blog, but I have been sick the past few days. Yesterday at school, I was feeling nauseous all day and I knew that I was coming down with the same food poisoning/virus/sickness that my mom and my sister had. After my last class, I got the feeling that I was going to puke so I ran to the bathroom and puked in the toilet. At home, I puked up my lunch and then I puked up bile when there was nothing else in my stomach. It was really gross. Then I couldn't sleep well because I was in a lot of pain last night. Today, I woke up and my back is in so much pain and I just have some really bad muscle soreness. 
I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting, but I promise that I'll get back to my regular schedule tomorrow!