Thursday, March 28, 2013

Drink favorites

Hey everyone!
I did a foodie favorites post yesterday on this blog (if you didn't see it click here) So I decided to do a post on my drink favorites because I have lots of these too! So I have narrowed my drinks down to my top 5 so here they are!

1) Starbucks iced caramel macchiato
I included this in my foodie favorites post, but this is still worth mentioning in this one! It's sooo yummy and if you want to cut calories you can get it skinny! I heard that a tall skinny one has 100 calories from my mom, but I don't know if that's accurate or not. Anyways I highly recommend this if you want some coffee taste, but hate the bitterness of it!

2) Diet Coke
This is terrible for you, but I drink it anyways! I end up drinking 1-2 cups of this or more every day and I know that I'm probably going to die 10 years younger because of all the chemicals in it but #YOLO! But seriously, I live off of this stuff!

3) Starbucks iced black tea with 1/2 the sweetener
This tea is super yummy and when I don't get my caramel macchiato I get this! I only get it with 1/2 the sweetener because when I get it without any sweetener it's a little bland for my tasting, but I realized that I don't need the full amount of sweetener so this is a happy medium!

4) Passion Iced Tea
Sorry guys! It's really late now and I'm in my bedroom so I can't tell you the brand that makes these tea bags, but I'll update this tomorrow to let you know the exact brand and type but my mom makes this tea and its super flavorful and good and you don't have to add anything (no sugar or lemon) to make it delicious!

5) Smoothies!
I have been loving smoothies (for my favorite recipe click here) and I had to include this in my post! I love strawberry banana smoothies and peach banana smoothies because they are just so dang yummy!

So those are my top 5 drink favorites of the moment! I'd love to hear what yours are so leave it below in a comment and also remember to subscribe to this blog because new content is going up daily!

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