Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movie review: The Croods

Hey guys!
So I got this amazing deal from Flixter last week where I could see "the croods" for free 1 week before it premiered. So I went and decided to do a quick review for you. 
First off, if you don't like animated movies you will hate this movie because it's (obviously) animated. Also, if you don't like "childish humour" or sillier movies and comedies then also skip this movie. So first I'll do a quick synopsis of the movie. So there is a caveman family "the croods" that are forced to relocate after their cave collapsed and their world is "ending". They follow "guy" (voiced by Ryan Renolds) to "tomorrow" where they believe they will be safe. I really really liked this movie. Sometimes animated movies can have weak storylines, but this movie was great. It was very well rounded because you have the conflict between the dad and guy, the love between guy and eep (voiced by Emma Stone *I might not have spelt that right) and also the issues between eep and her father. This movie let the storylines develop nicely and also the way that eep and her father (Nicolas Cage) interact is great because it is relatable and I think that it mirrors a typical father daughter relationship nicely. 
Overall, I really like the storyline of the movie, plus the animation was A+ material because (especially the tropical scenes) looked beautiful and stunning. I also loved how the voices matched the characters perfectly and how the humour is silly enough for younger kids (my 5 year old sister loved this movie) but still appeals to older people (my parents also loved it!).
I hope this was helpful for you guys! I'll try and post more on this blog too because I've been neglecting it for a few days. 

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