Monday, March 4, 2013

So I'm still sick

Hey everyone!
So I'm still sick right now :( but I realize its been a while since I've posted so this is my journey through my stomach flu / virus thing.
So my sister got sick on Wednesday and my mom got sick on Thursday so the bug was going around. After I was dropped off at school on Friday, I started to feel queasy and nauseous. I was dying through all of my classes and by my last class, I was so lethargic and queasy and I felt bad. I was walking out of my class and I started getting the feeling that I was going to puke so I ran to put my stuff down and ran to the bathroom and puked in there. Then I got my parents to pick me up and I got home and started to throw up the remnants of my lunch and dry heave and throw up bike. It was freaking disgusting.
Saturday was better but I got these massive headaches whenever I changed positions from lying to sitting or from sitting to standing. It felt really bad and I'm still suffering from this now. Sunday was pretty much the same thing. At least on Sunday I could keep the solid food down.
Today is Monday and I'm not going to school because I was feeling nauseous all night and my head hurts. It just sucks because I'm missing a math test and lots of other classes.
So that was my sickness thus far. Let me know if you have had these random headaches like mine and how you treat them

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