Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday TV time!

So I did blog posts on what I watch on tuesdays and wednesdays earlier this week, so today I am doing what I watch on thursday. 

The Office:
It hasn't been that good these past few seasons after Steve Carell left, but its the last season so I figured that I should watch it!

1600 Penn:
I think it's hilarious! I love every character on this show and although it isn't as funny as Modern Family or any of those shows, I like the plot of this show and it's great!

Love. This. Show. You need to watch this show if you aren't already! It is amazing and the characters are so diverse and unique and it is unlike any other tv show on right now!

It is so intense and I love it. It is crazy yet realistic and is the perfect action show!

So those are the shows I watch on thursday! Let me know what you think of these shows and what you watch on thursday!

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