Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Television Roundup

Hey everyone!
So with the new television season and some new shows on, I decided to update my week of television shows. Instead of doing them all at once (because I'm likely to forget some) I'm going to start to do it day by day starting with Tuesday! So these are the shows that I love that are on Tuesday (keep in mind I record lots of these or watch them online later in the week)

The Face: It's a new show that has 3 supermodels coach contestants to win a modeling job for Ulta beauty

Dance Mom's: This is my guilty pleasure! I love Maddie and Brooke the most, but Kendall and Chloe are also amazing!

Pretty Little Liars: This season has been so intense and I am so loving the new Spencer!

The Lying Game: Another good show that I'm loving (although it's not an absolute "must watch")

New Girl! I love Zooey and this show is just hilarious in every way possible

I think that I got all of the shows... So those are my favorite Tuesday night shows! Let me know yours in the comments!

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