Sunday, March 10, 2013

what happened last night aka what really goes on during a highschool dance

Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to do a quick post letting y'all know what happened last night. If you didn't know, last night was a dance for my grade at my school. There was food in the cafeteria and later we went in the gym where they had hired a dj to play music for us. So let's get started. 
I arrived and it was pretty segregated. In my group, there are around equal numbers of girls and boys. Like all the girls sat on one table and all the boys sat on another. I didn't really mind, but to be honest, in my group I'm really close to 1 girl and pretty close with like another 2 or 3, but I am honestly better friends with some of the guys. So that sucked because I didn't have much to talk about. So then we were eating and all that and then it was time to go into the gym. At my school, there are some people (actually most people) that grind. I'm not one of these people, but if they want to do that, then they can. So one of my friends, really likes this guy and wanted to dance (aka grind) with him, but was too afraid to because they had issues (aka they both got high and tried to have sex, but he couldn't get the sail up). So instead, she goes and grinds with the most annoying, weirdest, most hated person that hangs out near us. Literally everyone around me was like "what the heck" when she did that and I'm really close friends with her ex and we were both like "holy $h!t!" Well actually, this post wasn't too interesting. But that's what happened during my dance last night! Let me know in the comments what happens at dances at your school!

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