Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some quick April Favorites

Hey everyone!
So April is almost over! I cannot believe how quickly it has past! So on my other blog, I'll be doing my beauty and fashion favorites in a video like last month, but I thought I should do some random favorites again on this blog so here they are!

Favorite Food: Brownie Brittle or Baked Potatoes
this may seem a little weird, but that brownie brittle stuff is amazeballs! Like it tastes like a brownie, but is crunchy like a cookie, and is low calorie too! I have also been loving baked potatoes because they sell them at school and I've been eating them for lunch a lot recently.

Favorite Drink: Caramel Macchiatto (Iced)
This is a drink from starbucks and is amazing! It has a shot or two of espresso so it gives me the jolt of caffeine that I need, but it also has milk and caramel, which tones down the bitterness of the coffee. Amazing!

Favorite Song: Ho Hey
This is so late because this song was super in a few months ago, but I have slowly started getting back into it and I can just replay it over and over and over again!

Favorite Television show: The Mindy Project
 This is such a hard question because if you know me, but at all then you know that I am a huge tv fanatic and that I watch tons of television shows weekly, but this is my new favorite that I discovered this month! I did a full blog post on this show so scroll back a few days and you'll find it!

So those were all of the questions about favorites that I could think of off of the top of my head, but if you have any more random favorite questions then leave it in a comment and subscribe for new blog posts daily!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey guys!
As you know, I used to be a dancer when I was younger. Mainly street and ballet, but I sort of did anything and everything. So recently I started looking at a youtube channel of a few classmates that still dance and it made me miss it so I took it upon myself to do a few dances that I memorized from when I took classes and work on some turns just for fun :D I don't think that people other than myself get how much that I miss dance and regret not having done it and cheerleading together. I started trying to re-teach myself triple pirouettes because despite not having danced in a few years, I still have my double and I also tried to re-learn my fouettes. I think that its just hard trying to do dance stuff when I lost a lot of my muscle and small muscle flexibility when I did cheerleading. 
So that was my daily musing of the day! For more updates on my life, subscribe and leave a comment below letting me know how your day was!

New TV love

Hey everyone!
So today I had some time to kill, so I started to watch older episodes of "The Mindy Project". I never really made an effort to watch this show, but now, I love it! I was always a huge fan of Mindy Kaling from her "The Office" days, but I love her even more now that she has her own show to shine! I also love how some of her "The Office" co-stars made guest appearances like ellie kemper and bj novak. If you are a huge fan of comedy shows like "the office" or "new girl", you are going to love this show too! Just give it a chance! Plus, you can watch these episodes out of order if you want because each episode is freestanding without a major multi-episode arc. 
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated shows I'm watching

Hey guys!
You know that I am a huge tv watcher so I thought it'd be a fun idea to do an updated one! So here it is...


New Girl
The Mindy Project (sometimes)

Modern Family
The Middle

The Office



American Dad!
Family Guy
Bob's Burgers

So as you can see, the shows that I watch has dramatically decreased, but these are my favorite shows! Also I watch NBA basketball regularly so those are also sprinkled in throughout the week. Let me know what shows I should watch in the comments and subscribe for new posts daily!

Huge H&M Haul

Hey guys!
In my last outfit of the day post, I was wearing some things from H&M and I decided to do a haul! So these are the items that I got (I didn't buy them, my dad bought them for me) and I thought that it would be fun to show you because you're going to see them in outfit of the day posts anyways! So if you're going to be offended by this, please don't watch this particular video because I have lots of other ones, but anyways, here we go!

So that was my huge H&M haul! I want to hear what your favorite stores are so leave them in a comment below and also remember to thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my youtube channel/blog for new videos every other day and new blog posts daily!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confession: I yell at my television

Hey guys!
So I'm here with a basketball and television related post today! "Yay!" So for all of you who are new to my blog, I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and currently, they are in the playoffs against San Antonio. They were playing their second game against San Antonio today, and there were 0-1 (wins-total) and I only started watching during the third and fourth quarter when they were losing by over 10 points. It finally got to the point where they were down by like 13 with 3 minutes left and I was yelling at the television and to mike d'antoni "what the hell are you doing?" "put pau and dwight back in!" "you're still playing Goudelock?" I'll be honest, it was really intense. And I know that you're thinking "they probably took your advice and won!" but nope, they didn't. Probably because they couldn't hear me, but lets blame that on technology. But seriously I thought that was super weird and funny and it just shows you how intense/crazy I get when watching a basketball game!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have the body of an 90 year old

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do this post because I thought it would be a fun topic! I am a cheerleader, but I don't have a flexible back and I have actually injured my back a few times and suffer from mild back pain. So I literally have to get someone to crack my back nearly every day! Its crazy because in the morning, I will wake up and do a forward fold and nearly every vertebrae in my lower back cracks, then I'll do a "butterfly" stretch (putting your feet together) and that cracks my hip, then my toes and fingers and elbows will probably crack too! Also, sometimes my back cracks if I squeeze my shoulder blades together tightly or if I twist or if I cross my legs and squeeze. My parents always joke about how I have a body of an old lady, but I think that I'm fine! But really, I want to go to the chiropractor so that my back can get realigned. 
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Nostalgia at its finest

Hey guys!
So for all of you that don't know, when I was younger I was a dancer. Nothing too serious, just lots of dance lessons and performances definitely nothing like what you see on dance moms! But I quit that for cheerleading when I was in 6th or 7th grade. Well, the dance school at my school has a huge production every few years and this is totally bringing back some memories for me! I was in 3 out of the 4 performances that I could have been in and now its time for another performance and some of my dancer friends are making appearances in it and it just stirs up lots of emotions, you know! Like I always wonder how I would have been if I had stuck to ballet/dance instead of cheerleading. I think this year especially stirs up some emotions because if I had stuck with ballet, this would be the year that I would be a lead in the nutcracker or this performance or something like that. I know that this may be sad, but I don't regret my decision to do cheerleading at all because there is no guarantee that I would have been a great dancer and I am a "great" (in my opinion) cheerleader. Well, if you're looking for me, you'll find me watching my old dance videos :D

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ever feel really out of it?

Hey guys!
I just wanted to update you on something going on in my life. I am usually that happy-go-lucky girl, but lately I've been really stressed out because it seems that all of my projects and papers and tests have been coming in these past few weeks. I have been feeling really out of it like really I don't want to say "depressed" because depression is super serious and that is totally not what I have, but just like when I start going to school sleep deprived because I was studying the night before or when I don't want to talk to friends or be social because I'm cramming for a test during a break. I just haven't been feeling like myself and I think that instead of being the usual happy, energetic girl that I am, I have just been standoffish and a tad bit anti-social. 

I just wanted to do a quick post letting you know how I've been just in case this translates into my blog posts or my videos! Also, subscribe for happier posts daily!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm in the dark... literally

Hey guys!
So I just wanted to do a quick post letting y'all know some stuff thats been happening. My dad's been on the mainland (continental US) for a conference for like all these CEO's and CFO's for large hospitals and stuff so it's just been my mom, me, and my siblings. It can get kind of annoying being with my mom all the time because lets be honest... she gets on my nerves: a lot. But despite that, my dad was supposed to come back today, but his flight got delayed and then canceled so he's not flying out from the mainland until tomorrow :(
In other news, my main source of light in my bedroom comes from my celling fan/light thing. Well, today, my light went out. It came at a good time too, because it was working during the day when I didn't necessarily need the light, but broke right around 8:00 when its dark out and I needed the light. Grrrrr... sometimes it seems like everything that can go wrong does. Also, they caught the 2 suspects responsible for the boston shooting! It just amazes me how people can take a tragic event and rally up the strength and courage to be able to track down these two @$$holes within the week. Yay America!
So thats whats been going on in my life! I'd love to hear what's happening with you so leave it in a comment and subscribe for my daily musings!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 great things about today 4/18

Hey everyone!
I know that it is a very rough time in most American's lives because of the Texas fire, the boston bombing, the ricin poisoning and more, but I am one of those people who try to see the good in life instead of the bad so I wanted to do a positive post on the 5 great things that happened today! So let's get started.

1) I had Cheerleading!
I am one of those people who love cheerleading practices. I know that sometimes it might not seem like it during the actual practice when I'm tired and sweaty, but I really enjoy it and I had a full 1 1/2 hour practice full of stunting and tumbling and I loved it!

2) I have very little homework
I only have 2 "legit" classes tomorrow along with an assembly and yoga so my only homework was for math class, which didn't take too long and to study for a quiz for my history class. Yay for no (little) homework!

3) I had ice cream :D
In my freezer, we have the spumoni ice cream by I think it was Dryers, but I might be wrong. It is amazing and the greatest thing ever and I indulged in it after dinner tonight!

4) Tomorrow's friday
Who doesn't love fridays? Plus, it's my easiest day and my dad comes home from a trip to LA so yay!

5) My classes were amazingly fun(ny) today!
I had english where we were pretending to be greek gods on a dating service. It was super funny, but in the "you had to have been there to get it" type of way. Also, in spanish, we were talking about different types of "comida" or food, and some guys started talking about the grossest foods ever like boiled goose and tongue and brains, which if you eat that props to you, but it was pretty funny!

So those were my 5 great things about today! I'd love to hear yours so leave it in a comment and if you were affected by one of the events within the past days, just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How I love to de-stress

Hey guys!
This is just going to be a quick post on how I love to de stress because recently I've been loaded with homework and tests and projects and I have been really stressed out! For all of you that don't know, stress is a toxin and is really bad for your body so its good to take some time to de-stress and let it out! So this is just going to be a quick post of my top 3 things to do, but if you want a more in depth post then I can do that too!

1) Light a candle!
I am a huge believer in scents and I think that one of the most calming things for me is lighting a candle or 2 in my room right before I go to sleep and just watching the flames flicker. It gives me a sense of peace and it is just really amazing. I also love going in a dark room, lighting 2 candles and doing some gentle yoga! 

2) Do makeup
This is a less typical one, but do a hobby! Makeup is my hobby (if you've seen my other blog, you know that) but do something that you love. If you get your mind off of the stressors, you won't be stressed out anymore! I love just taking a good half hour to do my makeup because it lets me be creative and lose my stress.

3) Talk to a friend!
I have a few friends I can go to to vent and let out my anger, but I also have some other friends that I can go to for a pick me up because they are just so darn funny! If you have friends that are always happy or funny then after 15 minutes of talking/laughing to/with them, you will be more relaxed and less stressed.

I'll do a more in depth post of this if you guys would like because I have some other tips I can share, but I hope you enjoyed this post! Also subscribe to this blog for new posts daily!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray for Boston

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry for another serious/sad post, but I wanted to address something serious that has shattered the US today. At the Boston Marathon, a person blew up 2 buildings killing 2 people (including an 8 year old) and injuring over 100 people critically. I wanted to ask you guys to pray for these people and the families suffering this tragic day and to ask you guys to help promote peace where you are. Think happy thoughts, get involved in a gun control bill, spread teachings from the Bible or another book everywhere and try to make tomorrow a better day than today.
If you or someone you know has been affected by what has occured today, I just wat to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dealing with haters on social media

Hey guys!
I wanted to do a post on how to deal with haters on social media because I know that bullying is something that almost everyone goes through and I just wanted to share my experiences with cyber bullying as well as give you some tips on how to deal. 
So I'll start of with my experience first. So I really don't have too much experience with cyber bullying, but recently on my personal ask.fm page (which is a website comparable to a formspring) I have gotten questions that are really rude and mean saying "holy cr@p why do you post your link so much?" and other things that aren't the nicest, but aren't outright horrible. I know that lots of people go through much worst, but that is just my experience with it. So I'll you how I deal with it next.
So here we go... 
If you get a rude comment...
...blow it off! 
   I got those "you post your link on fb sooo much" types of comments, but I think that "your ugly/fat/stupid" all fall under this category. If you get something like this, you need to show that you don't care what they think and that its their problem and not yours. Like in my situation, I posted "well, I only post my link like once a day at most, but if you hate it this much, unfriend me!" Just tell them that you don't care what they think and if they have faulty information, then correct them and put them in their place.
If you get an inappropriate comment (sexual references)...
...Delete it!
   I think that there is no good outcome by replying to these types of comments. If you reply honestly (if its a yes) then you are setting them up to ask you more, worse, questions and if you say that you don't want to reply, then you will get lots more questions asking why or assuming that its yes because you're being so secretive. Just press the delete button!
When in doubt...
...Delete it!
   If you are unsure of how to respond, then delete the question. You don't want to give these people any more reason to pick on you and if you delete their questions, then you take away their ammunition!
Just remember that these people have no right to make you feel down about yourself and if you get mad or sad by reading these questions or comments, then go and take a break from the social media and hang out with friends or watch tv or do something to make you feel better instead of wallowing in your sadness!
I hope this helped you and if you have a cyberbullying story you'd like to share or tips on how to deal, leave it in a comment! Also subscribe for new posts (usually happier posts) daily!

OMG! Southland!

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a post on this weeks southland episode! There may be some spoilers in this post so if you haven't seen it yet, don't read this post! Also, let me just say aren't you proud of me for doing 2 posts in one day? So lets get started.
You know how they show that clip in the beginning of the episode, but its normally near the middle/end of the actual episode? The clip that they showed actually happened within the first 10 minutes of the episode. This episode was really intense and quite disturbing and this is coming from someone who likes the human centipede :D So in short, Cooper comes out (as being gay) to his partner at a gay bar. His partner seems to be okay with it at first, but later calls Cooper a "fag". Cooper and his partner go on a routine call, but they are met by 2 druggies who end up capturing them and taking them as hostages. Later, both of them are highly abused, but after Lucero is caught praying after being beaten, he is shot point-blank to the head and dies. Cooper is forced to dig a grave for Lucero and is pushed into it by one of his captors although he escapes alive. 
There is also a storyline with the detectives and the rest of the department searching for the two missing cops and also the storyline with sammy searching for the gang. 
So that was my thoughts on this weeks episode of southland and although it was a particularly disturbing and graphic episode, I thought that it was one of the best ones that they have ever done. I think that it was one of those hard hitting episodes that leaves you feeling something at the end, which I love. So if you watched this episode, let me know your thoughts on it and subscribe for new posts daily!


Hey guys!
So let's get real here. I am a procrastinator! I have lots of homework that I need to do for monday, but yet I can't bring myself to do it! Like today, I was home the entire day, but in the morning I was watching television, and then later I filmed some tutorials for my other channel (my makeup one!) and then I watched friends and the big bang theory and cougar town and now more friends and I got 0% of my homework done. I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to stop procrastinating because I hate that I do it, but I just don't know how to stop! 
Please give me some suggestions in the comments and subscribe for my daily posts on health, fitness, and my daily thoughts!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Send happy thoughts to Kobe

Hey guys!
So you all probably know that I am the hugest lakers fan. So today they played at 4:30 Hawaii time so I got to watch the game as soon as I got home from school. Kobe was playing amazing and intense (as usual) and the game was really close. Then in the last quarter, Kobe was down with an injury to his foot, which is later revealed to be a possible torn achilles. The laker's won by 2 points, but Kobe will need to get a MRI tomorrow and will be out for the rest of the season and next season if it indeed is a torn achilles. I just wanted to do this post for all of you laker's fans out there to let you know that I am sending him my thoughts and prayers and that I'd love for you to do the same because it sucks seeing one of the best basketball players of all time down with a injury during the uphill battle to the playoffs. 
So on another note, I got my new refrigerador today! I'll show it in a upcoming post (maybe tomorrow's). Comment letting me know what you thought of todays game if you were able to watch it and subscribe for new content daily!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exercise update: 4/11

Hey guys!
So it's been a while since I've done an exercise post so I decided that I would do one today letting you guys know how my progress has been! So let's get started. 
I am taking Yoga as my PE course at school, and because it is still technically a PE course, I have to do fitness testing. So today we had to run the mile, and lucky me! I have Yoga right during lunchtime, so I couldn't eat lunch and I had to run during the hottest portion of the day! So that was not my favorite, but in spite of me not running on a regular basis and me non liking to run, I still got a pretty decent time of 9:40! 
I have also been stunting and tumbling more because instead of going to gym only on sundays, I have been going on tuesdays and thursdays as well and I think that I'm getting 4 hours of tumbling and stunting each week! That's pretty impressive to me, and I hope that I start to increase my strength and skills as well! 
So I have also been using the site Tone it up! (www.toneitup.com) and I have been doing some of their workouts when I don't have much to do, but I still want to get a great sweat in! I have been loving the "Somebunny loves you" workout because it gets everything and I feel the burn! 
So that's what I've been doing fitness wise, I can also do another post letting you know how I've been doing with my diet if you would like to see that too! So comment below letting me know what your favorite exercises are and subscribe for new content daily!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Broke!

Hey guys!
So I just wanted to share something that happened with me today so that you can feel like you know me just as well as my friends do! So yesterday, the ice machine (attached to the fridge/freezer) wasn't working right and the ice that came out was really crystalish and it looked like it was sort of melting then being re-frozen. Anyways, it didn't seem normal. Then last night. It broke. Yup my fridge and my freezer totally broke. Like it wouldn't turn on, or cool, or make ice or anything. So we had to move everything out of the refrigerador/freezer and into my grandparent's one (they live next door) so then my parents went out tonight to buy us another one. And they went to lowe's and they got one with a pull out bottom freezer that was like rated good by consumer reports or something. When I find out more details about it I'll let you know! So that's whats been going on in my life! Also, on another note, I'm loving how the laker's are playing! Kobe got 40 something points and played the ENTIRE game! I really hope they make the playoffs :D
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ask.fm from a teenagers perspective

Hey guys!
So if you've seen my post a few days ago, you probably know that at my school lots of people are making ask.fm accounts (including me) and I thought that for some of you less tech savvy people or for all of you on the fence about making one I would do a post on what I think of it.

First off, what is ask.fm? It is sort of like if twitter and formspring had a baby. It has the aspect of anonymous (or non anonymous) questions, but it also allows you to follow your friends (they don't know you follow them) so on your homescreen, you get to see their most recently answered questions. You also have the option in your settings to only allow non-anonymous questions and you can integrate it with other social networking devices so they will link to each answered questions (which can get annoying if you get lots of questions)

My experience with ask.fm? Well, I think that its a pretty good one! I mean there are people who get the awkward sexual questions or have people bullying them, but that hasn't been the case with me. I think that you just need to know what you're getting into when you sign up for an account and that you need to make sure not to take what these anonymous people say about you to heart. Also, if you are hated or think that there are people out there who are going to try and purposely make you look bad then don't make one! Just use common sense and remember that you can always delete your account if you don't like it! But really my questions have all been about boys, friends, and cheerleading and they are more fun if anything. I will admit that I've gotten a few hate messages, but you just need to blow them off or if you want to, you can delete them!

Should you make one? Well I don't want to sway your opinion either way, but honestly I think that its fun and its a great way to pass a few minutes (or hours), but if you are sensitive or don't want to be criticized, then don't make one. The choice is up to you!

So I hope that this post helped clear up a few things about ask.fm and I hope that this was helpful! Let me know if you have a ask.fm and what you think of it in the comments and subscribe for new content daily!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey guys!
So I just wanted to do a quick rant/why does this happen to me type blog post so here it is!
So yesterday (sunday) I went to bed early (like 9:30ish) because I knew that I was tired and that its going to be a long week and that I should load up on sleep when I can. So I went to bed and slept really well until like 4:00. I woke up and I think that it was because it was pretty hot and my blanket was heating me too much. So then I tried to go back to sleep, but then I woke up again at 4:20. Like I tried to fall asleep again, but kept tossing and turning and I never really got into a good sleep. So then when my alarm went of at 5:45 in the morning, I was tired. I then loaded up on the iced coffee and went to school. I tried my hardest to stay awake during math, but to no avail because I was literally using every ounce of energy to keep my eyes awake. It was just a really rough day. 
I just wanted to do a little rant/thats what happened to me last night type post! I'll have some more fun posts about tv and food coming up on this blog soon so subscribe! Also, let me know if this ever happens to you in the comments! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hey guys!
So just to start off, this post isn't about me, although you probably know that I have suffered from my fair share of discomfort due to cheerleading. But instead, this post is about my dad! I was just wondering if any of you have gone through what he has or have some ideas of what it is and if you do, can you leave it in a comment?
So the other day, my dad was playing basketball at our local church's gym. He went up to the basket for a block and when he landed, he heard something in his calf "pop" and he was in pain. He could put weight on it and can still walk and run, but it hurts when he does. He went to his doctor the other day and he said that its most likely a blood vessel that popped because there is no signs that anything tore, but the doctor says that it could be something else and that he doesn't really know. So my dad bought a compression "sleeve" type thing for his calf and I think the blood is draining from the calf and is pooling in his foot and looks like a ginormous bruise. This weekend we were working on some renovations around the house, but instead of his leg getting better, its getting worse (pain wise). So I was just wondering if any of you know what this is or what he can do to help recover! So if you do, then leave it in a comment and subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring cleaning: the bookshelf in my closet

Hey everyone!
So I have a spring cleaning video for you! This video focuses on my bookshelf in my closet, and all of the books and school stuff that I have in it! So if you want to know how I spring clean my closet, watch this video!

So that was my spring cleaning video! If you want more spring cleaning/organizational videos then let me know in the comments and I'll do them! Also, subscribe to this blog for new content daily!


Hey guys!
So I'm going to do a quick post telling you about my night! So tonight I had a orchestra concert thing, where you get judged and "compete" against other schools, but its not competitive at all and is more of a showcase. So we had to be there at around 6:05 because we were performing at 7:05 and we needed time to arrive and practice and get set up and all that. But it was right during rush hour traffic so it took literally an hour to get there, so I had to leave my house at 5. Then the performance got held back a little and ran late, so I didn't finish until 7:30. Then I got really hungry and went to a wendy's, but it was sooo slow! And they messed up my order because they put bbq sauce on my sandwich instead of honey mustard :( So that was just a quick post on my night because it's really late and I needed to post something! So let me know in the comments how your night was/is and subscribe for new content daily!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I sacrifice for my health

Hey guys!
So this is a semi-serious/semi-funny post on the things that I sacrifice and give up for my health! I thought that my blog needed a new health post so I decided to do this! Here we go!
Let's start off with the serious...
I give up lots of physical stuff. Like I went running the other day and I now I have pain in my left calf right above my ankle. I also get lots of back pain from cheerleading and wrist pain from tumbling! But it's all good, and hopefully this doesn't affect me later on in life! I also try to give up ice cream and sweets, but let's be honest... it always ends up failing! Like I'll be like "no ice cream tonight" but then 5 minutes later I'm scarfing down a bowl full of it!
Now for the funny...
I gave up normal smelling pee this week! Like my mom bought lots of asparagus (which I love btw) and I ate it like every single day these past 5 days. Like my mom made some quinoa with it and I ate some with salmon and I ate it in shrimp pasta and it was really good, but that all goes out the window when I'm in the bathroom and it smells funky!
So that's what I sacrifice for my health! I'd love to hear what you sacrifice (funny or serious) also, subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

newest social networking

Hey guys!
So I just wanted to do a fun little post on a social media trend going around my school! It's Ask.fm!!! Its like the new, shiny version of formspring, which I prefer lots more over formspring! It has elements of tweeeeter (twitter) like being able to follow your friends and get updates when they reply to questions! It also keeps some essential elements of formspring like the anonymous questions and likes and all that, but its just improved! The hype with it only recently started (like the last 2 days or so) but it's pretty awesome!
Let me know in the comments if you're loving ask.fm as much as me or if its just one of those my school trends. Also, subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

Favorite TV Characters of All Time

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a top 5 favorite tv characters of all time! These can be fictional characters or people from reality television, but these are my absolute favorites! So here we go! (by the way, these are in no particular order)

1) Richard Castle
Its no secret that I love Castle, and that all of the characters are well developed and amazing (especially Ryan in last weeks episode!) But I have to admit that castle is the best because he is so funny yet witty and intelligent  which makes for an amazing character to watch!

2) Manny Santos
She is a character on Degrassi the next generation (the older episodes) and she is my favorite character because she was so fun to watch! She is probably the most developed character out of the original degrassi tng cast and I love how she was able to transition from a good girl to a bad girl to a cheerleader to a actress. 

3) Roger the Alien
So this is probably one of the more embarrassing ones, but Roger is my favorite character from American Dad! And American Dad is literally in my top 3 television shows of all time (that would be a good idea for a post!) and he is always really funny and I love his different personas!

4) Hannah Marin
My favorite of the 4 pretty little liars girls! I love Ashley and I love hannah! Her clothes are amazing and she always has something fun or funny to say and also, I think she has some of the best one liners in the entire series!

5) Carrie Bradshaw
She was made my favorite from Sex and the City, but I have to admit, that she's still pretty good on the Carrie Diaries as well. I like her in sex and the city most of all because she has a quirky way of looking at love and life and is very relatable!

So those are my top 5 tv characters of all time! I'd love to see yours so leave it in a comment below and subscribe to the blog if you'd like new content daily!

Monday, April 1, 2013

I've had a bad day

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a quick blog post, and I know that this is going to be sort of a downer, which I am totally sorry about, but I wanted to do this blog post because I already vented to my BFF but I still wanted to let it out. So if you want to hear about drama and my bad day then keep reading!
So right before spring break (so around 2 weeks ago) in my chem class we were doing a group lab. It is sort of like a group project and for all of you who have done labs before, you have to do a lab report! So there is a girl in my group (let's call her Jen) and she apparently needs a great grade on this so she was all like "I'll do the lab write up, you welcome". I was like "hold up now! It's a group project so we should all contribute" and Jen was like "fine then I'll do it and y'all can proof read it" I wasn't about to get into a fight with her so I was like fine, whatever. So she was the one who insisted on doing the entire thing, not any of us forcing her to do it. So then I thought she was doing it over spring break, but no, she was slutting it up. (Sorry I know that's mean, but I'm just in like rage mode right now). So today, I texted her like "I made a google docs, where is the lab" and she was like "I didn't do it yet." I was like WTF! If you had no intention of doing the lab write up, at least have the decensy to let me or another one of our group members know so we could do it over spring break! Adding insult to injury, she was like "well I'll do the entire thing later tonight" I was like fuck you (but I didn't say it to her) and decided to take manners into my own hands and contact the rest of my group mates to get them to pull their share and finish this project. Of course, the world hates me and everyone was like "I don't have time to do it" and no shit sherlock, I don't even have time to do it! But lets just thank Jen for that.
Sorry for that! It got really intense and angry at the end, which is totally unlike me, but I've just been stressed and pissed off and that is not a good combo for me! I'll talk to you guys later!

Beauty gurus play april fools pranks too

Hey guys!
I have another april fools prank for y'all today! It's by Alison or Amarixe on youtube! She always does a parody of a what's in my bag video that's hilarious on april fools day and this year does not disappoint! You have to see this!

More fun april fools pranks

Just another quick update!
Google has released google nose, where you can smell! It's super funny and although I am pretty sure no one is going to fall for this, it's a pretty great april fools trick! You can check it out here. Let me know what other april fools pranks your playing or are on the internet in the comments!