Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 great things about today 4/18

Hey everyone!
I know that it is a very rough time in most American's lives because of the Texas fire, the boston bombing, the ricin poisoning and more, but I am one of those people who try to see the good in life instead of the bad so I wanted to do a positive post on the 5 great things that happened today! So let's get started.

1) I had Cheerleading!
I am one of those people who love cheerleading practices. I know that sometimes it might not seem like it during the actual practice when I'm tired and sweaty, but I really enjoy it and I had a full 1 1/2 hour practice full of stunting and tumbling and I loved it!

2) I have very little homework
I only have 2 "legit" classes tomorrow along with an assembly and yoga so my only homework was for math class, which didn't take too long and to study for a quiz for my history class. Yay for no (little) homework!

3) I had ice cream :D
In my freezer, we have the spumoni ice cream by I think it was Dryers, but I might be wrong. It is amazing and the greatest thing ever and I indulged in it after dinner tonight!

4) Tomorrow's friday
Who doesn't love fridays? Plus, it's my easiest day and my dad comes home from a trip to LA so yay!

5) My classes were amazingly fun(ny) today!
I had english where we were pretending to be greek gods on a dating service. It was super funny, but in the "you had to have been there to get it" type of way. Also, in spanish, we were talking about different types of "comida" or food, and some guys started talking about the grossest foods ever like boiled goose and tongue and brains, which if you eat that props to you, but it was pretty funny!

So those were my 5 great things about today! I'd love to hear yours so leave it in a comment and if you were affected by one of the events within the past days, just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!

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