Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confession: I yell at my television

Hey guys!
So I'm here with a basketball and television related post today! "Yay!" So for all of you who are new to my blog, I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and currently, they are in the playoffs against San Antonio. They were playing their second game against San Antonio today, and there were 0-1 (wins-total) and I only started watching during the third and fourth quarter when they were losing by over 10 points. It finally got to the point where they were down by like 13 with 3 minutes left and I was yelling at the television and to mike d'antoni "what the hell are you doing?" "put pau and dwight back in!" "you're still playing Goudelock?" I'll be honest, it was really intense. And I know that you're thinking "they probably took your advice and won!" but nope, they didn't. Probably because they couldn't hear me, but lets blame that on technology. But seriously I thought that was super weird and funny and it just shows you how intense/crazy I get when watching a basketball game!
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