Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dealing with haters on social media

Hey guys!
I wanted to do a post on how to deal with haters on social media because I know that bullying is something that almost everyone goes through and I just wanted to share my experiences with cyber bullying as well as give you some tips on how to deal. 
So I'll start of with my experience first. So I really don't have too much experience with cyber bullying, but recently on my personal page (which is a website comparable to a formspring) I have gotten questions that are really rude and mean saying "holy cr@p why do you post your link so much?" and other things that aren't the nicest, but aren't outright horrible. I know that lots of people go through much worst, but that is just my experience with it. So I'll you how I deal with it next.
So here we go... 
If you get a rude comment...
...blow it off! 
   I got those "you post your link on fb sooo much" types of comments, but I think that "your ugly/fat/stupid" all fall under this category. If you get something like this, you need to show that you don't care what they think and that its their problem and not yours. Like in my situation, I posted "well, I only post my link like once a day at most, but if you hate it this much, unfriend me!" Just tell them that you don't care what they think and if they have faulty information, then correct them and put them in their place.
If you get an inappropriate comment (sexual references)...
...Delete it!
   I think that there is no good outcome by replying to these types of comments. If you reply honestly (if its a yes) then you are setting them up to ask you more, worse, questions and if you say that you don't want to reply, then you will get lots more questions asking why or assuming that its yes because you're being so secretive. Just press the delete button!
When in doubt...
...Delete it!
   If you are unsure of how to respond, then delete the question. You don't want to give these people any more reason to pick on you and if you delete their questions, then you take away their ammunition!
Just remember that these people have no right to make you feel down about yourself and if you get mad or sad by reading these questions or comments, then go and take a break from the social media and hang out with friends or watch tv or do something to make you feel better instead of wallowing in your sadness!
I hope this helped you and if you have a cyberbullying story you'd like to share or tips on how to deal, leave it in a comment! Also subscribe for new posts (usually happier posts) daily!

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