Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ever feel really out of it?

Hey guys!
I just wanted to update you on something going on in my life. I am usually that happy-go-lucky girl, but lately I've been really stressed out because it seems that all of my projects and papers and tests have been coming in these past few weeks. I have been feeling really out of it like really I don't want to say "depressed" because depression is super serious and that is totally not what I have, but just like when I start going to school sleep deprived because I was studying the night before or when I don't want to talk to friends or be social because I'm cramming for a test during a break. I just haven't been feeling like myself and I think that instead of being the usual happy, energetic girl that I am, I have just been standoffish and a tad bit anti-social. 

I just wanted to do a quick post letting you know how I've been just in case this translates into my blog posts or my videos! Also, subscribe for happier posts daily!

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