Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Broke!

Hey guys!
So I just wanted to share something that happened with me today so that you can feel like you know me just as well as my friends do! So yesterday, the ice machine (attached to the fridge/freezer) wasn't working right and the ice that came out was really crystalish and it looked like it was sort of melting then being re-frozen. Anyways, it didn't seem normal. Then last night. It broke. Yup my fridge and my freezer totally broke. Like it wouldn't turn on, or cool, or make ice or anything. So we had to move everything out of the refrigerador/freezer and into my grandparent's one (they live next door) so then my parents went out tonight to buy us another one. And they went to lowe's and they got one with a pull out bottom freezer that was like rated good by consumer reports or something. When I find out more details about it I'll let you know! So that's whats been going on in my life! Also, on another note, I'm loving how the laker's are playing! Kobe got 40 something points and played the ENTIRE game! I really hope they make the playoffs :D
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