Sunday, April 14, 2013

OMG! Southland!

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a post on this weeks southland episode! There may be some spoilers in this post so if you haven't seen it yet, don't read this post! Also, let me just say aren't you proud of me for doing 2 posts in one day? So lets get started.
You know how they show that clip in the beginning of the episode, but its normally near the middle/end of the actual episode? The clip that they showed actually happened within the first 10 minutes of the episode. This episode was really intense and quite disturbing and this is coming from someone who likes the human centipede :D So in short, Cooper comes out (as being gay) to his partner at a gay bar. His partner seems to be okay with it at first, but later calls Cooper a "fag". Cooper and his partner go on a routine call, but they are met by 2 druggies who end up capturing them and taking them as hostages. Later, both of them are highly abused, but after Lucero is caught praying after being beaten, he is shot point-blank to the head and dies. Cooper is forced to dig a grave for Lucero and is pushed into it by one of his captors although he escapes alive. 
There is also a storyline with the detectives and the rest of the department searching for the two missing cops and also the storyline with sammy searching for the gang. 
So that was my thoughts on this weeks episode of southland and although it was a particularly disturbing and graphic episode, I thought that it was one of the best ones that they have ever done. I think that it was one of those hard hitting episodes that leaves you feeling something at the end, which I love. So if you watched this episode, let me know your thoughts on it and subscribe for new posts daily!

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